Barbie Forteza and David Licauco’s Maging Sino Ka Man is Coming Soon

Barbie Forteza and David Licauco’s Maging Sino Ka Man is Coming Soon


The long wait is over! Barbie Forteza and David Licauco finally give us a peek through their revived characters from the 1991 film made famous by Sharon and Robin, respectively

History, indeed, plays a big role in the reel partnership of GMA artists Barbie Forteza and David Licauco. In 2022, they breathed life to the characters of Klay and Fidel in Maria Clara at Ibarra, set in the alternate timelines of the 19th century and the present time. But this time around, they are portraying another set of characters into today’s period by reviving the beloved characters from the 90s with their series adaptation of the film Maging Sino Ka Man

Maging Sino Ka Man Barbie Forteza David Licauco
Photo: GMA Network (via YouTube)

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Leading man in action

Coming this September, the show is set to be a modernized take on the original plot of the film. Reprising the role of Padilla, David Licaucao plays Carding Macario, a Robin Hood-like gentleman. As expected from an action-packed film, the new Carding has been spotted jumping through trucks, running away from armed men, and acting tough with a soft side around Monique. While we have seen our Pambansang Ginoo in his dapper look, we can expect a more rugged side of him to come out courtesy of his newest character. Excited? Who wouldn’t be? 

Giving main character energy

At this point in her career, Barbie is already an expert on pairings, from family dramas to friendship and romantic narratives. With Maging Sino Ka Man, it is not only her chemistry with Licauco that we have to anticipate. Patterned from Sharon Cuneta’s role, the character of Monique has a strained relationship with her mother, Belinda. This brings more complications, including a history with Gilbert Arnaiz played by Juancho Triviño, the adopted son of the Salazars who considers Monique as a threat to his supposed inheritance. 

Besides the external conflict that we can expect from Barbie’s character and the others, the trailer also showcases the internal battles that she will have to face as a daughter and, later on, as a lover. Known for examining the dynamic layers of each character that she has portrayed, the Primetime Princess will also offer the perspective of Dino, the male disguise of Monique in the series. Going head-to-head with the toughness of Carding, we’re all looking forward to Barbie’s take on a so-called male role. 

Presented by the GMA Entertainment Group, Maging Sino Ka Man is directed by Enzo Williams and written by Mark Duane Angos, John Kenneth De Leon, and Benjamin Benson Logronio. 

Featured Image: BARBIE FORTEZA (via Instagram)

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