Barbiecore Comes Back in Mainstream Culture

Barbiecore Comes Back in Mainstream Culture


Barbie movie is set to release and we’re taking points on how the fashion industry and mainstream media will interpret the iconic doll’s fashion

The Barbie doll is definitely loved by many as she literally accompanied generation after generation with her ever-so stylish and quirky get-ups and advocacy to empower women in all ranges. She’s a significant character everyone loved and viewed as a beacon of fashion. Now, we get to see her on screen as the live-action film prepares to air on July 19 after they released the official trailer just yesterday.

Directed by Greta Gerwig, we can consider the film to be anticipated by many as the cast is nothing short of star-studded and the production takes us back to the Barbie mansions and dressers we used to keep in our rooms. And while everyone’s waiting for its official release, we have to take a safe guess that this movie will make waves to current trends of fashion.

The revenge of Barbiecore

You’ve probably seen the popular Barbie Pink that trended for quite some time last year. The striking hue made its way to various fashion houses that incorporated it into their ready-to-wear pieces, as well as their shoes and accessories. It was a fashion favorite and it might resurface yet again once the movie plays out worldwide.

The transition from Barbie Pink to Viva Magenta was one of the reasons why pops of colors such as blues, purples, and yellows were seen across the runway—the top picks of this year’s spring colors.

It may seem far off to some as trends tend to swing on a pendulum, but with the hype of Barbie and the fashion of the 90s and 2000s, we can’t simply say that this is a coincidence. Knee-high platform boots were the new loafers, while blowout hairs became the new bob cuts of last year’s season. Little trends like these in fashion tend to create a domino effect that blend seamlessly together, creating a cohesive look for both beauty and fashion.

Barbie in mainstream

Although the Barbie trend did die down for quite a bit late last year, it’s safe to predict that it will come back around once the movie is released, and we’re taking point on the recent trailer and its course in style and fashion.

It’s definitely a mix of eras as iconic Barbie and Ken outfits done throughout the years were recreated in the movie, like their 80s-inspired bodysuit coordinates, the all-pink ensemble with bell bottom hems from the 70s, as well as the preppy A-line skirts from the 50s.

So how will this affect the current trends? It might happen with such subtlety since colors are back in the market, albeit done within minimalist silhouettes. We’ve also got micro trends such as coquettes and Y2K that are very much alive to this day. So with that, the new era of Barbie will definitely introduce us to a vibrant fashion in terms of colors and patterns, like what we’ve seen in the trailer. As for the styles, we might see another translation of the 90s trend we’re currently in—only this time, it’s infused with Barbie’s DNA.

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