Barong Goes Casual: Embracing Tradition in a Modern Way

Barong Goes Casual: Embracing Tradition in a Modern Way


This traditional Filipino garment gets a stylish update as today’s gents adopt it for laid-back days

Once the standard for formal attire, the barong has been gaining popularity as a casual wardrobe staple for today’s discerning gentlemen. This garment’s lightweight materials and flattering cut make it just as comfortable in more relaxed daytime contexts. Read on to learn more about why Filipino men are blending it into their everyday looks.


need more barongs in my wardrobe tbh

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Threads of tradition

Modern Casual Barong Tagalog

The origins of the barong can be traced back to the time before the Spanish colonization of the Philippines when the majority of Filipinos wore pieces woven from abaca and cotton. Today, despite its contemporary update, it remains a symbol of Filipino identity and a source of national pride.

Culture and comfort

Modern Casual Barong Tagalog

This stylish garment not only allows you to pay homage to your Filipino heritage, but can also keep you looking effortlessly cool and comfortable. Made from a lightweight and breathable fabric, this shirt boasts a straight, loose silhouette that exudes an easygoing vibe. Moreover, with their meticulously crafted embroidery and sophisticated tones, barongs possess the innate ability to elevate your weekend wardrobe, making them the epitome of understated yet impactful statement pieces.

Styled for today

Modern Casual Barong Tagalog

If you are unsure of how to incorporate this item into your wardrobe, you can try to start with ones that have simple embroidery and are neutral in color. Casual and easy to mix and match, colors like white, cream, and lightweight chambray are always a good choice. Then, try it out with unexpected combinations, like cuffed denim and leather slip-on sneakers.

The story continues

Modern Casual Barong Tagalog

This timeless classic has undoubtedly transcended its formal origins, transforming into a cool choice for men’s casual attire. It allows every gentleman to seamlessly radiate an air of sophistication while paying homage to its storied past. So it is time to embrace the barong as a blank canvas awaiting your artistic touch. Show your sartorial prowess as you construct ensembles that truly embody your distinctive character. Unleash its power and seamlessly weave your own captivating narrative into the very fabric of its ever-evolving essence.


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