The Battle of the Fittest: Meet this year’s winners of Century Tuna Superbods Ageless

The Battle of the Fittest: Meet this year’s winners of Century Tuna Superbods Ageless


Century Tuna’s Superbods search has always been in the upper echelon of unmissable summer events, but this year finally introduces the Ageless category, featuring finalists aged 38 to 50 set out to destroy expectations of what fit and healthy should be at a certain age, along with the regular crop of finalists aged 18 to 37.
Meet the winners of this year’s Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018: Superbods Maureen Montagne and Jules Aquino, with Angel Jones and Johann Ludovica, the first ever Ageless winners.

“I’m still on Cloud 9 right now.” began Johann Ludovica, with a calm and quiet energy about him. The 42-year old BPO Trainer had joined the competition at the last minute and admitted to being pessimistic. He’d see the other competitors and find himself insecure but powered through. “I always believe that I have to give it my best all the time even if I’m demotivated.”

Enter Angel Jones, a supernova bursting with light and positivity, who says she sacrificed a lot to maintain her career and support her children. The artist, host, and mother is filled with the love of her friends and family and champions a cause close to her heart. “I’m always telling mothers that there’s no excuse not to be your best, not to be glamorous, not to be amazing and hot.”

Maureen Montagne didn’t expect to be here. The 24-year old model was only supposed to stay for 4 months, but fell in love with the Philippines. It was a new challenge for her, never having joined a fitness competition. She finds confidence in her mom, “She is my number one supporter so everything I do is because of her. She always believes in me and I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without her.”

The other half of the Superbods is Jules Aquino—the loving owner of a Belgian Malinois and student currently studying at the University of the Philippines. The 25-year old athlete moved around the United States a lot when he was 7, without much knowledge of English. “Everywhere I went, I learned how to play sports. I did what people are into. Sports is universal.”
These four amazing winners are just at the beginning of their journey, so expect to see more from them. For Johann, he is looking forward to promoting health and fitness, most importantly Century Tuna. The same goes for Angel who is excited to have received the platform she is given to have a louder voice for her advocacy. Expect to see Maureen continue commercial modeling in the country, and watch out for any other careers she might tackle, while Jules intends to stick to fitness and see whatever comes next.

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