Bea Alonzo Makes a Deep Dive on Her Love for Art

Bea Alonzo Makes a Deep Dive on Her Love for Art


Post her MEGA Ball experience, Bea Alonzo opens up on the impact of art in her past, present, and future as an artist herself

With the artistry of acting running through her veins for more than two decades, there is neither shock nor surprise that the Filipino actress is the woman gracing the cover of MEGA’s June 2023 issue. Throughout the course of her personal and professional journey, art and fashion are two concepts that have been a huge part of her experience. 

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Bea Alonzo MEGA Ball 2023

These two art forms are at the focal point of our celebration of independence, elevating the MEGA Ball for the first time in honoring not just those in the world of fashion. In an exclusive interview with Bea, the actress delves into her love for Filipino art and how it transcends beyond her own craft, which is acting. 

On appreciating art

Like a diligent student ready to take the exam on art, Bea casually mentioned her favorite artists. Their names she blurted out in a way they seemed to be a part of her casual conversations on the daily. “I have [an] Arturo Luz painting, Michael Cacnio sculptures, [and] Ramon Orlina. I also have Chati Coronel, Andres Barrioquinto to name a few. But I’m also a fan of Ronald Ventura, Nona Garcia, Po Martinez, Lenard Paras. Ang dami, actually,” she broke out a smile. “Fan ako ng work nila.” 

Bea Alonzo MEGA Ball 2023

Indeed, part of loving art, or anything or anyone in particular, is being able to talk about it with fervor and dedication. At times, this is what draws the lines between those who really see art in its true, moving form; and a number of mere buyers or patrons whose purchasing power goes beyond their passion and love for the pieces and artists. While we cannot discount the way the latter is a realistic approach in supporting artists, there is a certain depth of appreciation and understanding of art’s movement that no money can buy. 

But for Bea, her deep connection with visual art and sculpture began a decade ago. “It started back in 2011 when I bought my first ever painting of Arturo Luz; and ever since then, I’ve become really curious and I started collecting. I’ve developed a love for art,” she said, looking back. In her house tour, Bea needed no practice or review on the pieces around her house. Each artwork had a story, one that you knew was coming from a place of genuine love. 

On sharing art

As an artist herself, Bea values expression in terms of giving back to the industry and the community. “I’m now doing a show with GMA called Battle of the Judges, wherein I am able to mentor and give my knowledge and experiences to the contestants. Siguro, that’s my way of giving back,” the actress started out. Further explaining her role, she said, “I’ve always wanted to mentor kasi marami rin akong naging mentors in the industry, and I believe that to be able to preserve the art or lessons that I was able to learn, dapat pina-pass on mo ‘yun sa new generation. So, I’m very happy to be able to do that.” 

Along with the show, the MEGA Woman also shared that fellow actress and real-life best friend Dimples Romana is currently planning a project that involves acting and mentorship. “I’m hoping that I can be a part of it,” Bea mentioned this with a glow in her eyes. 

Bea Alonzo MEGA Ball 2023

Taking that spark of the actress’ eyes, she also brought her beau Dominic Roque in the conversation. “He’s now interested in art. He started collecting ever since we got together. Maganda because you know, he’s picking up on my interests,” she pointed out. 

Wrapping the interview up, we ask Bea how her own piece would be like if she took charge with its conception and creation. “It would contain many, many colors. As you know, my life is colorful. And it would definitely be mixed media, because I have a lot of facets that I have yet to share with the world.” 

Though Bea’s journey as a lover and practitioner of art has been a long time coming, it seems like she is still looking at both ways with a fresh pair of eyes. And for that, we can’t wait how and what else she can still bring life to art, and vice-versa. 

Photos and Featured Image: EXCEL PANLAQUE, MAGIC LIWANAG

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