Beauty Is Power: MEGA and Philips Celebrate Self-Expression With an All-Star Cast

Beauty Is Power: MEGA and Philips Celebrate Self-Expression With an All-Star Cast


Four harbingers of style–Chelsea Robato, Janeena Chan, Gabs Gibbs, and Chi Gibbs–have a hair of a good time by embracing their beauty with the utmost confidence

You’ve heard the age-old saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But what people often fail to realize is that it’s also in your hands. No, we don’t mean physical alterations here, but it’s about having the capability of acknowledging your true self and enhancing your features. That is where a woman’s beauty tools arsenal comes into play–a set of tools that helps realize her vision and style. But with such a broad and rather opinionated definition of beauty, how can we discern and synthesize what it means to us?

Three authorities come together in one campaign that shares the evolution of beauty, and celebrates the creativity and high spirits of the youth: MEGA, the authority in Philippine fashion and beauty; Philips, a leading beauty hair tools brand; and Watsons, the country’s largest beauty chain store.

Joining the festivities are four glistening stars who continuously push the empowering nature of embracing their own definition of beauty. Styled with the all-new Philips Beauty Tools, these women share the stories of how their definitions of beauty have evolved through the years, and how these stances have defined their craft.

Chelsea Robato, the adventurous digital enthusiast

Ever since she was a kid, Chelsea loved playing with her hair. “My mom was very particular of my hair style. She would put on hair clips or do pigtails. She would always make sure it was [made up] until I was about 10 [years old].” Chelsea admits that her style is rather low-maintenance and doesn’t dapple much into the wide spectrum of hair style and colors (hard to believe, right?), but she carried the practice of making sure her overall look is well-kept as she grew up to be her own beautiful self–no parental supervision needed.

Philips Beauty Tools: StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler
Philips StyleCare Sublime Ends Curler

Now, as an avid event hopper, self-proclaimed beach bum, and a never-fading mesmerizing presence in front of the camera, she finds true beauty through confidence and self-acceptance: “If you are satisfied with yourself on the inside, it is easier to portray [your beauty] on the outside. If you’re confident that you are pretty today, people will see that you glow better.”

Janeena Chan, the formidable boss babe


For most children, the tender years before the big ten was filled with toys, fun, and games. That wasn’t the case for Janeena, as she started her modeling and hosting career since she was in the first grade. This jump-started her career to now juggling roles as an event host, television host, and model. But everything wasn’t sunshine and rainbows for this hard-at-work beauty: “Growing up, attending different castings as a model, I would feel that they would opt for a different kind of standard for beauty. I would get type casted; I wouldn’t get the part just because of how I [naturally] looked.” With the amount of photos and videos people look at everyday, one thing remains constant in your image–your hair. Janeena quips: “As they say, hair is 80 to 90 percent of your selfie!” But overall, having a healthy and well-maintained hair style can be a source of empowerment to transcend obstacles that come your way.

Philips Beauty Tools: The StraightCare Vivid Ends Straightener
Philips StraightCare Vivid Ends Straightener

That is why she focuses on truly embracing your natural features and bringing out the best–not only bringing out the best in yourself, but also helping to bring out the best in others. “We’re so blessed that we are opening our eyes more, our hearts more to different kinds and types of beauty in different kinds of people. It’s not just ‘one size fits all’. I’m happy to see that [reality] now, more than anything.”

Gabs Gibbs, the expressive fashionista


Let’s face it: when you’re someone who is conscious about your beauty, flaws and imperfections on your skin and hair can ruin your self-confidence. It’s a hurdle most of us power through growing up, and Gabs wasn’t an exception, as she shares: “[During middle school], I thought beauty was just to cover up what you already had, [such as acne and signs of puberty]. But as I grew older, it became a mode of self-expression.” And this mode of self-expression became an avenue for her to express the many aspects of her style. A quick look at her Instagram shows how creative she can get with makeup and hair style. “I like going crazy with my hair. One day I want to shave the sides of my head, then get a perm [on the next].” Using her beauty tools gives Gabs that unique me-time she always looks forward to–a time when she can let her mind flow freely.

Philips Beauty Tools: Airstyler
Philips Airstyler

From strikingly straight hair to show some edge (with matching black eyeliner, of course), to lively beach waves when she’s going to watch a fun chick flick, she finds her beauty, emotion, and confidence closely knit together. Her expressiveness shows no bounds–a true sign of a fashionista. But at the end of the day, she firmly believes that using beauty tools should always make you happy and content with your appearance, rather than make you create a facade to stand behind.

Chi Gibbs, the versatile artiste on-the-go


You might think that the other half of the Gibbs sisters, Chi, would undergo the same experiences with beauty growing up. Yes, while their parents have exposed them to various genres of art, music, and movies at a young age, their formative years and personal tastes have molded their outlook on beauty differently. “My hair style is always an extension and expression of my mood and my influences at that point [in my life]… When I look back at my hair, it has always been a direct reflection of what I’m obsessed with at that point in time,” Chi explains.

Philips Beauty Tools: DryCare Essential Energy-Efficient Dryer
Philips DryCare Essential Energy-Efficient Dryer

As the co-founder, printmaker, and designer of Neon Island, maintaining her style is of the utmost importance, especially when she goes out and about doing business with her clients. One can only imagine her hectic schedule as she balances her clothing brand, a personal art studio, and a music career with her sister. “It’s super important to have a set of tools that you can totally rely on. It takes a lot of stress out of your day if you have tools that you know how exactly to use and you can feel good and feel confident with.” When Chi says she has a bad hair day, she means it–and it all goes back to what beauty tools you have that can alleviate your situation. Preparedness is key, especially for an always on-the-go woman.


Although these ladies’ personal experiences and definitions for beauty may vary, one aspect remains the same: beauty is power–the power to create, to express, to uplift, and one to uphold throughout their journeys as harbingers of style.


With the Stylecare Sublime Ends Curler, Drycare Essential Energy Efficient Dryer, Straight Care, and Airstyler in the Philips Beauty Tools line-up, you’re free to express your own brand of beauty effortlessly. Four women, four amazing Beauty Tools from Philips.

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