Beauty Queens Or Supermodels? Candidates from Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Can Be Both

Beauty Queens Or Supermodels? Candidates from Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Can Be Both


Time for a retrospect on the reign of supermodels from the past. In true nostalgic fashion, candidates of this year’s Miss Universe Philippines show power in variety and define authentic beauty for all

This feature is from MEGA’s May 2024 Main Fashion


“Universal or authentic beauty for me transcends mere physical appearance. When I think about beauty in general, it has to be in totality, the way they carry themselves, how they engage with others, their confidence, their aura, and their heart. And in order to maintain this beauty, one must continuously nurture it, adding qualities like empathy, compassion, and integrity, which enrich the essence of who they are and show the universal beauty present in everyone.”


“Universal or authentic beauty is about radiating positivity from within, embodying confidence, kindness, and authenticity. It involves prioritizing self-love, embracing my uniqueness, building genuine connections with others, and focusing on my mental well-being. I also maintain my physical beauty through healthy habits including exercise, balanced nutrition, and consistent skincare routine.”


“Beauty comes in all forms—regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender. Even in different forms of personality. We just have to embrace and be content with oneself and this will channel confidence in showing ourselves to the world. Because this is the secret of true beauty—knowing that what makes you different is what makes you beautiful.”

MICH DULCE hats, skirts, and dresses; BENETTON tops and cardigans


“Universal or authentic beauty is being confident in your strengths but also learning to lean into your flaws with a willingness to grow. It’s also creating a safe space for others to do the same. I maintain this by ensuring I spend time in my own mind, taking a step back to maintain clarity, and reflecting every day with the intention of being one percent better the next. Incremental growth is usually more sustainable than radical changes for me.”


“A universal or authentic beauty is someone who radiates self-awareness with a natural ease, and has an innate understanding and acceptance of the world and those around her. She is someone who beams confidence with subtlety while still being unapologetically herself, and makes anyone around her also feel beautiful, seen, and appreciated when in their presence.”


KAYLA CARTER, Northern California

“My motto is ‘You are only as beautiful as you are kind.’ Universal or authentic beauty, to me, is the divine essence that flows from the depths of our souls. It’s a reflection of our inner light and the beauty of our unique journey. 

To maintain this, we need to nurture our hearts with kindness, self-love, empathy, and compassion for not only ourselves but also for those around us. True beauty flourishes when we embrace our vulnerabilities, celebrate our uniqueness, and actively choose to radiate love to the world around us.”


“Universal beauty transcends through borders. It is a type of beauty that has no boundaries. It is appreciating one’s difference and uniqueness that makes her truly remarkable. 

Authentic beauty is accepting who you are and letting the world know you are beautiful regardless of the standards you might break. It is a type of beauty that is you, that no one can take away, and that is unshaken no matter what others say.”


AHTISA MANALO, Quezon Province

“A beauty that radiates from within is universal beauty to me. A beautiful person will make you feel good whenever you’re around them because they see the good in you, in others and in everything. A beauty that is maintained by continuously practicing belief in the goodness and beauty that exists in each one of us.”


“Universal or authentic beauty, to me, transcends cultural standards and trends. It’s about inner radiance, kindness, and integrity reflecting outwardly. Maintaining such beauty involves nurturing oneself mentally, emotionally, and physically, embracing uniqueness, and cultivating qualities like compassion and empathy. It’s about being true to oneself and radiating positivity from within.”


“Universal beauty is radical self-acceptance paired with gentle self-development. The world’s beauty standards are ever-evolving, leaving us scrambling to hit a moving target. However, when we decide to be our own standard, embracing both the pain and the progress of being human, we can all be universally beautiful together.”

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Photographed by DOC MARLON. Creative Direction PATRICK TY. Fashion Direction KAT CRUZ-VILLANUEVA. Production JONES PALTENG. Styling RYUJI SHIOMITSU, assisted by BITHIA REYES, SAMANTHA TOBIAS, JUANCHO BUENDIA, and CARLOS TOMAWIS. Makeup GERY PEÑASO (Head Makeup Artist), VINCE LEENDON (Ahtisa and Cyrille), JAY SALCEDO (Selena and Tarah), ANGELINE DELA CRUZ (Christi and Kymberlee), DAVE QUIAMBAO (Stacey and Victoria), and PAMM MERRERA (Alexie and Kayla). Hair VHIO VILLARICA (Christi, Ahtisa and Alexie), WAZZY SALIH (Selena and Kymberlee), PJ NULUD (Victoria and Cyrille), MARKY DACUNO (Stacey), and JHAYCEE ZAPANTA (Tarah and Kyla). Sittings Editor MARIAN SAN PEDRO.

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