Before & After: Influencers Who Have Changed Their Style Over The Years

Before & After: Influencers Who Have Changed Their Style Over The Years


Style is ever evolving and ever changing. See how much these influencers have changed after years in front of the camera.

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Believe it or not influencers have been around for longer than you think. YouTube was made in the year 2005, which makes it 17 years old by now. Instagram, on the other hand, was established in the year 2010 making it 12 years old. Some of our favorite influencers have been on these platforms since the very beginning making them influencer pioneers. As they grew their following online, they’ve also grown to become the women that they are today. Fearless, unapologetic, and incredibly stylish. See how they were able to find their true style over the years of being online.

Toni Sia
YouTuber, Toni Sia, first started her career selling beauty products and reviewing them on her socials. Now, she’s one of the go-to content creator for all the best fashion finds. She’s also cemented her style status as the queen of minimalism.

Jaz Reyes
Host and DJ, Jaz Reyes, is in it for the camp and the quirk of it all. She started out as a modeling contestant in for a youth brand and is now a very successful host and DJ. Her Instagram features her creative outfits giving her fans a modern take on experimental fashion.

Rei Germar
YouTuber, Rei Germar, was the darling of Youtube with her cute reviews and hauls. Now, she’s one of the main ambassadors of H&M and consistently turns up in a cool look whenever she attends an event.

Issa Pressman
Singer and artist, Issa Pressman, is making waves in the fashion scene. When she started out, she was doing cameos for her sister, Yassi Pressman’s, shows. Now, she has created her own identity through her music and unique personal style.

Pamela Andres
Designer and content creator, Pamela Andres, may have started her brand, Élan Wear, in 2020, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t online till then. The designer started out as a content creator and transformed her style as well as her branding along with Élan wear.

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