Behind the Vacation Glow, These No-Makeup Makeup Products Inspire Confidence

Behind the Vacation Glow, These No-Makeup Makeup Products Inspire Confidence


If you’ve ever wished your vacation glow could last longer, cosmetics brand KIKO Milano demonstrates how with their no-makeup makeup edit

You’re meeting your friend for dinner and a movie, and immediately she compliments your just-back-from-vacation glow. Flushed from days spent in the sun, your cheeks are evidence of the enjoyable escapade you’ve had, and with a brand new bronze, the phrase less is more has never rung more true.

Although we’re now closer to the holiday season than summer, the hot Manila weather allows delusions of the tropics to persist. Naturally, opting for a beach getaway to achieve that sun-kissed glow isn’t always a feasible option, which is why we’re simplifying the process. From tinted moisturizers to natural-looking eyeliners, here are ten KIKO Milano products to help you master the no-makeup makeup look.

Matte Face Base

A mattifying and smoothing base, the Matte Face Base preps the face for long-lasting makeup

A great base is a prerequisite for a no-makeup makeup look, and KIKO Milano’s primer does the trick. It creates a matte appearance, blurs imperfections, and enhances foundation application at once. It’s packaged in a tube with an eye drop-style tip—a deliberate choice that guarantees the uniform application of its creamy texture across the skin.

Hydra Pro Matte

Opt for the Hydra Pro Matte instead if your skin needs a hydration boost before makeup application

If your skin, however, needs a hydration boost before makeup application, start with the Hydra Pro Matte instead; it focuses on delivering moisture and protecting against oxidative stress to give your skin a healthy glow. A moisturizing fluid, the Hydra Pro Matte comes in a sleek bottle with a dispenser designed to facilitate controlled and precise dispensing.

Full Coverage 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer

A foundation and concealer in one product, the Full Coverage 2-in-1 Foundation & Concealer provides superior coverage

For areas that require extra coverage, there’s a dual action product that combines the functions of foundation and concealer. Its seamless blending owes to the uniform dispersion of pigments in the formula, allowing for layering as needed. The applicator’s rounded tip serves touch-up purposes and conceals blemishes, while the flat end blends foundation with a few simple strokes. Available in 21 shades, there’s a match for every skin tone.

Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil

The Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil makes it easy to create hairlike strokes

Achieving a no-makeup makeup look hinges on the subtle intricacies, such as striking the balance between well-defined and naturally soft eyebrows. The chisel tip of this pencil provides options, spanning from precision to delicacy to intensity, allowing you to fine-tune your eyebrow definition to suit your unique features.

Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner & Khol

Turn to the Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner & Khol to open up your eyes without looking like you have anything on

An eyeliner pencil deserves a spot in everyone’s no-makeup arsenal. Smudge gently along the upper and lower lash lines using the built-in applicator—it’ll open up your eyes without looking like you have anything on.

Maxi Mod Mascara

Reach every lash while avoiding clumps with the Maxi Mod Mascara

What sets the Maxi Mod Mascara apart is its elastic formulation enriched with castor oil, known for its softening and nourishing properties. The compact elastomer applicator guarantees even coverage, reaching every lash while avoiding clumps. Offering a remarkable maxi definition and volume-enhacing effect in intense black, it’s no wonder this is Marian Rivera’s pick.

Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush

Enriched with African walnut oil and pistachio extract, the Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush melts right into skin

Sweeping blush across the cheeks and the bridge of the nose creates an authentic rosy glow. Enriched with African walnut oil and pistachio extract, the butter-like formula of the Velvet Touch Creamy Stick Blush melts right into your skin. Begin from the apples of your cheeks and gently blend outward to attain a natural flushed look.

Glow Fusion Highlighting Drops

Dab the Glow Fusion Highlighting Drops onto the high points of your cheeks, down your nose, and beneath the brow bone

With pearlescent minerals for a radiant shimmer, this ultra-fine liquid highlighter provides a super-glowy effect. Dab the beloved bestseller onto the high points of your cheeks, down your nose, and beneath the brow bone. Another pro tip is to apply a smidgen of highlighter at the inner corners of the eyes to look more refreshed and awake.

3D Hydra Lip Gloss

For a nourishing, lacquer-like gloss, glide the 3D Hydra Lip Gloss over lips

Finish your summer holiday look with a natural lip by selecting from KIKO Milano’s range of 30 pearly tints. Crafted as a gloss enriched with nourishing Bidens extract, this delivers a nonsticky, glossy finish. Adding to its appeal, this product has been personally endorsed by Marian Rivera, a fitting choice considering her iconic portrayals of Marimar and Dyesebel in primetime television.

Makeup Fixer

Seal the no-makeup makeup look with the Makeup Fixer

To lock in your makeup, spray KIKO Milano’s Makeup Fixer, a fragrance-free solution that enhances your makeup for a lasting polished appearance. The formula, with fast-evaporating cosmetic alcohol, locks in your makeup while being gentle on the skin thanks to its special blend with Chamomile extract.

Explore a range of KIKO Milano makeup items designed for your face, eyes, and lips. To learn more, you can visit their official website. Stay updated by following them on Facebook and Instagram. You can find their products on Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada.

KIKO Milano is available at the following locations: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM Grand Central, SM San Lazaro, SM City Cebu Department Store, and SM City Davao Department Store.

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