Belle Mariano Goes Above and Beyond With Her YouTube Channel

Belle Mariano Goes Above and Beyond With Her YouTube Channel


The star on the rise is showing another side of her beyond the roles she plays as an actress.

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This is how Belle welcomes a new side of herself—clad in a white muscle tee, black high-waisted skirt and leather jacket, and white cowboy boots. She walks into the frame, sits, and a series of Belle’s appear on screen.

It’s no longer a surprise that Belle Mariano can take on a role and slay it. Starting showbiz at a young age, she has been continuously refining her craft over the years. Now solidifying her path and presence in the industry, her roles are maturing as she is.

Now, at 20, she remains unstoppable. From series and movies to her own concert, she thrives and blossoms into a successful young woman.

And take things up a notch, she now has a new platform to show the Belle in full bloom—YouTube!

Belle and Beyond, her YouTube channel, is Belle’s new avenue to open herself up to her fans. In her debut vlog, she connects with her fans by sharing the firsts in her life.

With a creative and perceptive mind like Belle’s, we surely have more to look forward to from Belle and Beyond!

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