Belle Mariano is the Next Beauty Muse and Here’s Why

Belle Mariano is the Next Beauty Muse and Here’s Why


From her signature soft glam to her striking red carpet looks, we look back at Belle Mariano’s memorable beauty moments

The young actress—who is set to star in Can’t Buy Me Love—has left everyone in awe with her remarkable acting skills and her breathtaking performances. On top of that, she continues to be the ultimate beauty girl in many ways. “Belle also likes experimenting with makeup looks! She gets really excited, especially if we create performance looks or editorial looks,” Jake Galvez once said in an exclusive interview. 

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Belle Mariano

Of course, behind her beauty beat is celebrity makeup artist Jake Galvez. “She’s becoming a young trendsetter and we always make sure that we do looks that are original or we’ve never done before,” he detailed. As for the inspiration behind the artist’s look? The creative described it as something that is youthful and trendy. “I get a lot of inspiration from the Thai or Korean beauty styles of makeup, which are polished yet still fun.”

The romantic updo 

Belle Mariano Romantic Updo

Belle Mariano has always given every beauty fan major hair envy. As for her recent maine edit? The actress showed off a face-framing curly updo. Decoding the work of RJ Dela Cruz, the celebrity hairstylist created an updo that puts her spiral curls up and the other half down. Elsewhere, her fringe and sides in front of the ears are left loose. To say the least, the overall look is giving main character energy! 

The latte makeup 

Belle Mariano Latte Makeup

Latte makeup is undeniably the biggest thing in beauty. Need proof? Take a cue from Belle Mariano whose submission is the perfect fusion of an effortless summer bronze. Courtesy of Jake Galvez, the celebrity makeup artist applied honey-hued tones on her eyes and cheeks. It’s also noticeable that he dusted a bit of shimmer on her key points for a fresh and radiant glow. 

The blurred lip 

Belle Mariano Blurred Lip

The work of a blurred lip look is enough to make a statement. Pro tip: To achieve the look, apply the pigmented lipstick on the lips and let it sit for a bit. Once accomplished, blot the color off with a tissue until all you’re left with is the color that has stained your lips. As for the secret to a long-lasting lip stain look? Layer it with a matte lip balm.

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