Belle Mariano Opens Up About Her Relationship With Donny Pangilinan

Belle Mariano Opens Up About Her Relationship With Donny Pangilinan


Belle Mariano describes her on-screen partner Donny Pangilinan as the closest one to her heart

Serendipity—a romantic-sounding term often used to convey an unexpected encounter between two people meant to improve each other’s lives. This concept comes to mind as we hear the young actress recount her journey with Donny Pangilinan, inside and outside the entertainment industry. 

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In a YouTube vlog with Karen Davila, Belle shared that she first met Donny on a movie set as she appeared in a cameo role. She revealed that, like any ordinary girl, she found Donny handsome and thought the actor might not notice her. Far from her first impression, Donny is kind and accommodating, and even bonds with her by playing video games behind the scenes. From her initial impression of Donny as a competitive online player, it is undeniable that the actress’s relationship with her now-reel partner grew over time. 

In the interview, she supported Donny’s claim and said that they are both in a “happy place,” enjoying each other’s company while passionately doing the work they both love—acting. 

According to the young star, it was Donny who taught her everything that she knew about love. Taking reference from their new movie titled An Inconvenient Love, Belle shared her willingness to love even if it is inconvenient. The breakthrough star believes that there is beauty in that kind of love because inconvenience makes it more authentic. 

Dubbed as the New Gen Phenomenal Loveteam by Star Cinema, the duo continues to reach great heights in their career—from their first show as DonBelle in He’s Into Her, tours abroad, to the awards they have received in just a span of two years. 

The product of the love team’s hard work is a testament that their relationship brings out the best in each other regarding career, faith, and simply as individuals. While she is thankful that she found genuine chemistry with Donny in front and behind the camera, she hopes that she makes Donny feel the same way. 

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Featured Image: BELLE MARIANO (via Instagram)

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