Belo Launches Zoom Lift, A New Skin Tightening Treatment That Celebrities Swear By

Belo Launches Zoom Lift, A New Skin Tightening Treatment That Celebrities Swear By


From Solenn Heusaff to Small Laude, discover why top celebrities and influencers are raving about the age-defying effects of Belo Zoom Lift.

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There are no better people to turn to for advice on how to keep one’s skin at its best shape than celebrities and influencers. Being in the public eye means they have to look good off and on camera and they will be the first ones to tell you, to be able to do so it often takes intervention. Thankfully there are non-invasive procedures that provide impressive results with no downtime. And who are top celebrities and influencers trusting to deliver its best standard? No other than the Belo Medical Group. 

With the launch of Belo Zoom Lift, Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho held an intimate dinner celebration at their residence that was decked out in full blooming flowers. Food was served by the Philippines’ best chef Margarita Flores and the event was hosted by Tim Yap.

They also gathered the likes of multi-hyphenates Anne Curtis, Solenn Heusaff, Alexandra Rocha-Araneta, Jess Wilson and Camille Co, alongside international digital content creator Bryan Boy to share their experience and excitement for the latest skin tightening treatment. 

Also in attendance was Small Laude, the 53-year-old socialite, entrepreneur, online star and face of Belo Zoom Lift. Known for her humorous way of showing her glamorous and luxurious lifestyle, she has amassed a 940K following on YouTube and her social media platforms.

During the event, she revealed that the Belo Zoom Lift has garnered the #1 spot on her list of favorite skin treatments. Laude says she experienced no discomfort during the process and with her skin looking taut and tight right after, she and Dr. Belo agreed that they didn’t need to do anything else.

The Belo Zoom Lift is the latest treatment from the clinic that targets both skin laxity and skin quality in a single session. But what sets it apart from other treatments is that it offers a customized three-step program to achieve the best skin tightening result. The process begins with Sofwave, the latest non-invasive tightening and lifting ultrasound treatment, then Belo Spheres that act as highly efficient messenger cells to train dull, worn-out skin cells is applied to make the skin plumper and more youthful. Lastly, Embedded Protein Threads (EPT) are inserted through micro-needling which acts as physical scaffolding for particular areas that require more support such as nasolabial folds and laugh lines.

Honestly, it sounds too good to be true. Painless? No downtime? Preventative and corrective? Low to no risk? If you need more convincing, here are honest reviews from our favorite celebrities and influencers:

Small Laude

For the Belo Zoom Lift ambassadress, Small Laude shares how the treatment was what she needed for that extra boost of confidence. “I’m so honored and happy that my friend Vicki trusted me with this and syempre I’m so happy with the Belo Zoom Lift. It tightens and lifts my skin right away,” and alongside taking care of her skin, her secret to aging gracefully is a happy disposition. “Avoid negative thoughts. Always be happy, stay positive and take care of yourself all the time.”

Alexandra Rocha-Araneta

TV host Xandra Rocha likes to keep it simple for the beauty routine which is why she was thoroughly impressed by how fast the treatment was. She shares that the application of EMLA (topical anesthetic cream) took longer than the actual procedure. “My experience with Belo Zoom Lift was quite pleasant. It was better than what I was anticipating, especially since it’s paired with Belo spheres. It’s like the magic potion of youth,” she says.

Jess Wilson 

The it-girl and soon to be bride Jess Wilson, follows a “less is more” beauty philosophy. “I think if you feel good and do things that are positive and good for yourself that’s when you’ll look your best,” she says. She’s also diligent in making sure her skin is healthy from the inside out and when Isabelle Daza recommended the Belo Zoom Lift, she knew she had to try it. Now she describes the treatment as the hottest thing in town: “It’s a must-try for anyone who wants to look better instantly.”

Camille Co

“The Belo Zoom Lift is so much more comfortable than all the other treatments that I’ve done that would give me that much-needed lift. It’s basically what Dr. Vicki promises, it’s a facelift without surgery. It’s just magical!” the influencer claims. She shares that even when she had to go for another treatment a few weeks after getting the Belo Zoom Lift, her skin was still so tight. “They needed to inject something into my skin and they couldn’t put the needle in because my skin was that tight. It was so insane I’m still blown away by it!”

Solenn Heusaff

You might be asking why Solen Huesaff would still need a skin tightening treatment when she already has a small and chiseled face to begin with. With Belo Zoom Lift, it’s actually one of the few treatments safe for the eye area. She shares that it was able to minimize the bags under her eyes and gave her a brow lift for an overall brighter look. “It was quick, painless and effective,” she affirms.

For the likes of Bryan Boy and Anne Curtis, who have yet try the treatment. They share that they are equally just as excited:

Bryan Boy

One of the beauty practices that the global media star practices is to fearlessly try the beauty’s latest treatment as long as it’s done by the experts. “Try everything. Don’t be afraid, be confident and just do it!” he shares. “I’m so excited for Belo Zoom Lift because I’ve heard so many amazing things about it. Some of my friends have already tried it and I can’t wait to do it in a couple of days.”

Anne Curtis

With the superstar making her comeback to the stage real soon, Anne Curtis immediately booked her appointment for the Belo Zoom Lift she shares, “I’m so excited to try it, especially after this evening. I was able to see up close and personal everyone that has gotten the treatment and how happy they are with the instant lift and the rejuvenation of their skin. Everyone here is blooming!”

To book your consultation and Belo Zoom Lift™ session, click here or call 8819-BELO (2356).


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