Belo’s Guide to Skin Prep: Prepare For an Event Like a Celebrity

Belo’s Guide to Skin Prep: Prepare For an Event Like a Celebrity


Take an exclusive look at the Belo skin treatments that celebrities swear by in preparation for red-carpet events

It is evident that a well-curated preparation is crucial for events that are as special as the ABS-CBN Ball. But apart from finding the right ensemble and the best team to help you out, showing up as the most radiant version of yourself is also important. Enter: Promising skin treatments from Belo Medical Group.

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Janella Salvador ABS-CBN 2023 Ball
Photo: JANELLA SALVADOR (via Instagram)

All this to say, the first and perhaps most crucial beauty step in any pre-event is evaluating what exactly you want to achieve. Do you want a plump and hydrated skin? Or focus on skin tightening and rejuvenation? Setting specific goals will allow you to choose a treatment that ultimately makes sense for you. Because of this, it only calls for you to find the best beauty experts that offer revolutionary procedures that yield excellent outcomes.

Belo Medical Group is the top choice of stars with the likes of Francine Diaz, Catriona Gray, and Janella Salvador in terms of beauty preparation for the ABS-CBN Ball. Curious to know more? Below are seven tried-and-tested treatments that are assured to give you that celeb-like glow for your own special day. 

The first step

It’s no secret that behind every standout red carpet glam is a radiant complexion. But in order to achieve that, celebrities prepare their skin—whether that be on their face or body—with their trusted doctors to ensure that they will have the best results on the day itself. Take the case of Ivana Alawi. She immediately consulted the Belo Medical Group for the best treatment that can give her a radiant, flawless glow, which is the Virtue RF Treatment and The Angel Whitening Laser. 

The facial

Regular facials are essential to any pre-event skincare preparation. For Francine Diaz, Belo elevated her experience with the Mermaid Facial. With zero downtime, the treatment makes use of a patented deep wash technology to cleanse the skin and prepare it for exfoliation with alpha hydroxy acids. Certainly, the result can be seen in how luminous and hydrated her skin is. 

Put your fresh face forward 

Maris Racal took her ball preparation to new heights with Belo. “The goal is simple: her face and body that’s depuffed, debloated, and as tight as her dress.” Courtesy of the Skin Reboot, the actress achieved exactly that just in time for the big event. The painless treatment is set to lift, tighten, redensify, and decongest the skin on both face and body by using a combination of radiofrequency and direct current. Belo also recommends this service to women who want to keep the first signs of skin laxity at bay.

The art of rejuvenation and sculpting 

Kim Chiu is all about the art of rejuvenation and sculpting. As for her treatment choice? Belo’s Onda Coolwaves. The non-surgical body contouring system works to destroy fat cells, diminish cellulite, and promote skin tightening on her body. In addition, the actress also opted for Belo’s ADVALight to immediately reduce the appearance of scars and marks. 

Strike more than a pose

Ever wonder how Janella Salvador prepared for the ABS-CBN Ball? The short answer is with Belo’s Cinderella Drip. The celeb-approved treatment is among her best-kept secrets to a youthful glow. Moreover, it contains a potent blend of antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging, lighten and even out skin tone, and boost skin clarity.

Conquer the universe

Catriona Gray knows exactly how to conquer the universe and the red carpet. As for her skin secret? Belo’s Exosomes Treatment, which transforms the skin to be younger-looking and more vibrant while forming and regenerating healthy skin tissues. It also renders the exchange of Keratin for stronger hair, Fibroblasts for a younger complexion, Immune cells for skin regeneration, Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, and Glutathione for skin brightening.

Reveal your x-factor

Piolo Pascual is one of the stars who always seem camera-ready, but achieving that also takes the right skin preparation. His choice? Belo’s Picosure Laser Treatment. Set to work as a hundred times faster than any other laser, Picosure breaks up colored pigments using powerful shock waves rather than heat. It also allows any discolorations to be treated immediately without the unwanted side effects of burning or scarring. 

Featured Image: CATRIONA GRAY (via Instagram)

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