Beloved Brand Launches Cost-Friendly Version of ‘Game Changing’ Pillowcase Hailed for Transforming Skin

Beloved Brand Launches Cost-Friendly Version of ‘Game Changing’ Pillowcase Hailed for Transforming Skin


Designed to actively defeat acne and bad skin, this product is the new go-to for better skin. You will be surprised by the results. 

Warning: if a recent study is to be believed you need to wash your pillowcase.

Beauty and bedding company Snoozy has revealed that after just three days the average pillowcase harbors 1,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. These bacteria end up clogging pores and can become a major cause behind skin breakouts.

But if constant laundry is not your bag, there is another way. Even better, it’s not going to break the bank.

Snoozy is behind an award-winning silk pillowcase and have now launched their new product, the Skin Savior – a pillowcase with all the beauty of benefits of silk and then some. 

The new pillowcase is made from eucalyptus fibers and infused naturally with antibacterial silver to eliminate 99.7 percent of acne-causing bacteria. The silver prevents bacterial growth as well as being chemical-free, which means it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

The new pillow is made from vegan silk (eucalyptus fibres).

“We always love hearing from our customers we’ve wanted to create something new for them, something really special,” Snoozy co-founder, Emil Eriksen, tells Mega.

“A massive part of our feedback was also that our customers wanted something vegan,” Emil adds. “This vegan silk made from eucalyptus fibers has the sheen, feel, touch and smoothness of silk but is also vegan.”

Back in 2021, the founders discovered that the cotton pillowcases contributed to the breakout on their faces. This discovery inspired them to create Snoozy.

They decided to come up with a solution and the resulting silk pillowcase has since become a bestseller, with 50.000 flying off the shelves since launching.

Snoozy showcases a range of impressive before and after shots of customers on its website.

“I never really thought that the pillowcase fabric would be an issue, but once I started using my Snoozy, I noticed the change right away! I went back to a normal pillowcase for one night, and I instantly broke out. I’m never not sleeping on my Snoozy again. Game changer!” wrote one very happy customer.

Snoozy offers a wide range of products like sleep masks- all treated with silver ions.

Snoozy claims its pillowcases work to prevent breakouts, dry or oily skin, blackheads, and whiteheads in as little as four weeks but customers say results can be even quicker than this.

“I have hormonal acne and I’m extremely impressed. The second shot is after only one week!” said one reviewer alongside her before and after photos.

Customers say the pillowcase works quickly to reduce breakout.

The pillowcase also has an effect on hair, claiming to reduce split ends, frizziness, hair breakage,- and tangles.

“I used this pillowcase for one night and my hairstyle the next day was PERFECT. My hair stayed soft and silky overnight. Unbelievable. I lasted six days without washing or restyling. Absolutely phenomenal product,” wrote one woman.

The new vegan silk pillowcase comes in 8 different colors and, being machine washable, it’s easy to care for and more durable.

Snoozy is now offering a 150-night free trial, and if you’re not loving your silky pillowcase you can send it back for a full refund.

For more information about Snoozy, click here.

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