Bench Fashion Week Day 2: Jaggy Glarino

Bench Fashion Week Day 2: Jaggy Glarino


Inspired by a literary art piece by CAX Syjuco, this season for Bench Fashion Week, Jaggy Glarino took inspiration from heartbreaks and looked closely into the beauty of painful life experiences. Intrigued by contrasts, the designer attempted to create concrete images out of abstract and intangible feelings through prints, textures, and proportions. For his latest seasonal assemblage, he introduces the idea of “grounded excess”, a term he coined to describe a manner of fashionably piling up basic pieces to create maximalist, avant-garde looks that have playful layers and dimensions.

 photos by Kieran Punay of Studio 100

See the full collection here:

The Youth is Electrified at Bench Fashion Week Day Two

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