Bench Fashion Week Day 3: Joey Samson

Bench Fashion Week Day 3: Joey Samson


Capping off the 3-day Bench Fashion Week spectacle, Joey Samson brings an inquest of modern menswear set to an eerie Frank Ocean take of Moonriver.

The homegrown designer made a case for amplified workwear with oversized tailoring in classic neutrals and a dash of eye-catching patterns in color that added a decorative flair to the tonally subtle assemblage. With great penchant for masterful craftsmanship, Samson made ensembles saunter down in full, precise details with pleats, cutouts, and fringe while asymmetrical and bulky silhouettes ruled the figures accessorised with mid-sized buckled belts in solid hues and contrast lining.


 photos by Kieran Punay of Studio 100 and Macky Arquilla

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