This Salon Offers Foilyage Highlights By  Japanese-Trained Hairstylists

This Salon Offers Foilyage Highlights By Japanese-Trained Hairstylists


This one-stop beauty gem in San Juan is every girl’s dream for a well-deserved self-care day

It’s no secret that one of the greatest pleasures a woman can have is scheduling a pamper day appointment at her favorite beauty salon. Girls adore feeling beautiful—and it’s not for other people, but for themselves. Sam Dy established the Benibana Beauty Hub in 2017 with the same goal in mind: to enable individuals to experience their best selves through their personalized care. With a wide array of services ranging from hair and beauty treatments to lashes, eyebrows, and nails, Benibana had one distinct goal in mind for its clients—to provide superior salon services.

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Mane Advantage? Japanese Technology

Benibana Beauty Hub
Benibana is your go-to salon if you want to experience Japanese beauty care

Setting itself apart from other beauty salons, Benibana brings certified Japanese trainers to the Philippines to instruct staff members in the correct and optimal methods of providing their traditional procedures. The lash lift and hair milk treatment are among the favorites of their clientele.

Benibana Hair Treatment
Benibana experience is not complete without trying their foilayage technique

Furthermore, Benibana’s hair stylists are masters of the foilayage process, a balayage technique with the expertise of their stylists. “Our team regularly attends trainings to stay updated on color trends and new techniques to better serve our Benibana girls,” Sam says.

Nail Care Upgrade

In addition to hair treatments, Benibana also offers a nail package for those who like to incorporate the Russian Manicure into their self-care regimen. Couple it with their Luxe Flexi Gel Extensions, another crowd favorite, you will surely have healthy nails and long-lasting polish.

Benibana Manicure Russian with Luxe Flexi Gel Extension
Want to try that trending Russian manicure? Try the Benibana Luxe Flexi Gel Extension

Customer Service as the Priority

With over seven years in the beauty industry, Benibana has built a loyal and vibrant community of customers who value self-care in all of its forms. This is why they continue to live by their core values of giving their clientele outstanding service. “We learned that consistency and precision are two of the most important things in the industry. This is something we always strive to achieve every day,” Dy points out.

Benibana Hair Procedure
Benibana has warm and inviting interiors

Whether your goal is to de-stress after a hectic week, or to obtain that glow after a pamper day, Benibana will surely provide you with the fulfilling sense of self-care with their services.


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