5 Best Brow Gels For Naturally Bushy Eyebrows

5 Best Brow Gels For Naturally Bushy Eyebrows


While a brow pencil or a powder can instantly polish up your look, a foolproof eyebrow gel is also an essential, as it is the easiest way to groom your brows. If you’ve been searching for a brow gel, look no further–we’ve rounded up our top 5 favorites:

1. Benefit Gimme Brow+

When Benefit re-launched their new and improved Gimme Brow+, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. The tinted eyebrow gel has always been one of my personal favorites from the brand, as it naturally coats my thin eyebrow hairs to give it more fullness and definition without going overboard.

2. Teviant Eyebrow Gel

If you’re looking for something perfect for a night out, Teviant’s Eyebrow Gel will solve all your problems. Its no-clump formulation allows for full coverage while still looking natural, so you can build it up depending on the intensity you please. For fun, I once tested out the lightest of their shades (which was close to blonde), and true to the product’s claim, there was no trace of my dark-colored eyebrow hairs!

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3. Glossier Boy Brow

Just one swipe of Boy Brow’s creamy wax formula was enough for me to fall in love with it. The flexible hold of the product doesn’t stiffen your brow hairs, making it perfect for days when you want something effortless and natural.

4. Sunnies Face Lifebrow

The newest on the list is Sunnies Face’s Lifebrow, which is described as a stay-all-day grooming gel that gives your brows the perfect fluff and shape. With the success of their lipsticks and highlighter, it is no surprise that their eyebrow products will give you that effortless look you’re going for.

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5. Wunder2 Long Lasting Eyebrow Gel

Want something that can last for up to a few days? This groundbreaking product from Wunder2 is a smudge-proof gel that is infused with hair-like fibers. When I first tried this, there was that comfort in knowing that my brows were always in place, whether I was heading to the gym or to an event.

Featured Image by Yukie Sarto of Studio 100

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