Best Dressed Women at the ABS-CBN Ball 2023

Best Dressed Women at the ABS-CBN Ball 2023


From stunning gowns to modern classic fashion choices, explore the best dressed stars who lit up the night with their impeccable style and charisma at the ABS-CBN Ball 2023

In the glittering galaxy of entertainment, the ABS-CBN Ball shines as a beacon of style and substance. What started as the Star Magic Ball and later evolved into the ABS-CBN Ball in 2018 has returned in 2023 with renewed vigor and a noble mission as it celebrates the enduring spirit of giving. Amidst this constellation of stars, it’s time to applaud the talent that beats with the heart of glitz and glamour.

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Here are MEGA’s best dressed women who graced this year’s ABS-CBN Ball.

Kim Chiu

kim chiu abs-cbn ball

Kim Chiu attended the event in an exquisite creation by Francis Libiran. Her choice of attire, a bejeweled corset dress, transformed her into a radiant spectacle, a shimmering star that gleams from every conceivable angle. It’s as if she’s adorned with the very constellations that light up the night sky, each gem and jewel adding to her celestial allure.

Kathryn Bernardo

kathryn bernardo abs-cbn ball best dressed

Mark Bumgarner was her dazzling knight in contemporary fashion armor. Kathryn Bernardo’s outfit, particularly her shoulders, glistened with crystalline splendor, creating an impression of a modern-day warrior princess. But the true marvel lies in the clever design of her gown. With a single fabric that cascades vertically down her midriff, she daringly bares the sides of her body, showcasing her confidence and style. The crystallized finish at the middle of her dress serves as the focal point, almost like an emblem of her armor, ready to conquer the night with both grace and strength.

Catriona Gray

catriona gray star magic ball

In this dazzling attire, Catriona Gray embodied a blend of classic Hollywood allure and contemporary charm. She was like a character in a whimsical tale, with the feather boas adding an ethereal quality to her look, and the daring slit only enhancing the sense of intrigue.

Belle Mariano

belle mariano abs-cbn ball

In this enchanting creation by Michael Leyva, Belle Mariano not only captured the essence of fairy tales, but also the transformative power of fashion. Every bead told a story, and as she moved, the gown came alive with a magical shimmer.

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Jodi Sta. Maria

jodi sta. maria

Jodi, in her clean white gown, was a vision of purity and grace. The golden neck piece she wore served as a radiant punctuation mark to her entire aesthetic. Her ensemble was not just clean and pristine; it exuded an angelic quality that was truly captivating.

Andrea Brillantes

andrea brillantes star magic ball

Andrea Brillantes radiated beauty in passionate crimson with a look created by Michael Leyva, a striking contrast to her ebony hair. She’s risen above teenage dreams, commanding attention and turning heads with her confident presence and poise. She has blossomed into a vision of allure, making her mark. 

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Arci Muñoz

arci munoz star magic ball

With her dark-as-night attire and the radiance of the day, Arci embodied a unique duality. Designed by Ehrran Montoya, the dress allowed her to harness the essence of both light and shadow, creating a mesmerizing ideatic contrast that left an impression. Her aura was a fine balance of taste and temptation as she beckoned everyone to gaze upon her.

Maja Salvador

Clad in a black satin dress that cunningly reveals white tulle underneath, Maja was like an angel in disguise as a devil. It’s as if she’s taken inspiration from the age-old dichotomy of light and darkness, blending them seamlessly into a single, mesmerizing ensemble.

Judy Ann Santos

Judy Ann Santos epitomizes modern minimalism at its finest. In her ensemble, she becomes a living embodiment of contemporary fashion’s essence – a structural blend of clean, architectural design and understated beauty.


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