Best Kept Secret: 4 El Nido Hidden Gems You Can Escape To

Best Kept Secret: 4 El Nido Hidden Gems You Can Escape To


White fine sand, crystal blue waters, and lush greenery everywhere you look—experience a picture-perfect holiday destination with El Nido’s secret spots by Lihim Resorts

The warm sand beneath your feet, the cool water lapping at your toes, and nothing but blue skies above you—a vacation to a tropical island is the stuff of dreams.

But not just any island will do. You’d want a destination with a sense of privacy and intimacy that you can only find in the most exclusive vacation spots. You want an island where you feel like you’ve escaped the world, and it’s just you, your loved ones, and the gentle lapping of waves on the shoreline.

Enjoy a unique sensorial experience and explore the hidden gems around El Nido, Palawan with Lihim Resorts

Offering that unique experience to elevate your vacation is Lihim Resorts in El Nido, Palawan. The five-star resort offers bespoke tours and private lounges in hidden isles, secret lagoons, and secluded shores around the famed Philippine island. These lounges are designed exclusively for Lihim Resorts’ guests with a unique sensorial journey that will take you to new heights of relaxation and luxury.

Check out these El Nido hidden gems by Lihim Resorts:

Relax in limestone cathedrals in Ubugon Cove

Spend a day doing water activities or laze around with towering limestone cathedrals surrounding you in Araw Lounge by Ubugon Cove

El Nido is abundant in turquoise waters with limestone mountains surrounding the islands. Nestled in the heart of Cadlao Lagoon is Araw Lounge, a quaint and rustic island nook by Ubugon Cove built with reverence for the lagoon’s natural landscape. You can find yourself here snorkeling or kayaking, or taking an afternoon nap in the shade of tropical trees.

Araw Lounge offers a bespoke brunch or late lunch to replenish yourself after a day of water activities. Enjoy specials from their private tour’s menu including the day’s freshest catch, fruit nectars, and coconut water straight from the shell.

View El Nido’s famed sunset in Tubigen

Float in the sea with a stunning view of the shores of Pinagbuyutan Island in Tubigen Lounge

Frolic in cool waters, linger until sunset, and toast to luxury in simplicity in Tubigen Lounge. Nestled along the shores of Pinagbuyutan Island, this lounge floats just above rock formations and offers unparalleled views of El Nido’s famed golden hour.

Surrounded by lush greenery, guests can enjoy hammocks, woven mats, sun beds, board games, swings—and everything else you desire for a perfect day of relaxation until sunset. Bespoke meals, midday snacks, and libations are also an option when visiting this favorite sunset destination.

Lounge in the fine white sands of Sabang Beach

Beach lovers will love the simplicity and tropical scenery of Hayag Beach Club in the small fishing village of Sabang Beach

An oasis of serenity and tranquility, Hayag Beach Club in Sabang Beach is a private lounge and bar for beach lovers burrowed in a small fishing village. The rustic and quaint location is set for intimate beach soirees with Aperol Spritz in hand as the perfect way to enjoy the tropical scenery over cocktails with friends and family.

When you book a tour with Lihim Resorts, guests can curate their own feast of seafood specials, tropical nectars, lounge music, and fine spirits. Activities include water sports, trekking through the forest, or just lounging on the beach admiring its blue-green waters.

Go off the grid in Balinuad Beach

With its powdery white shore and endless stretches of beach, the King Kong Lounge in Balinuad Beach is the perfect place to get away from it all. When viewed from the sea, the contour of the hill that backdrops the beach resembles the head of a gorilla. It is this resemblance that has earned it its popular moniker.

The sea breeze can either caress one into a restful nap by the beach or energize long hours for nature walks, snorkeling, and kayaking. It’s an off-grid, undisturbed island revelation where travelers can truly unwind by the sea, luxuriating all day long in its famous white fine sand.

For more information on these exclusive tours, visit Lihim Resorts’ official website. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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