BGYO, Jirayu Tucker, and More Male Celebrities at the State of Bang Fashion Show

BGYO, Jirayu Tucker, and More Male Celebrities at the State of Bang Fashion Show


The return of Bang Pineda’s craftsmanship in the runway deserves no less of a striking stride. And it was, indeed, a star-studded affair for State of Bang. From the designer’s circle of friends and fellow creatives, to today’s up and coming performers, the stories of his 60-piece collection were also told and worn by fellow artists like him. 

Known to turn heads and elicit screams from fans, Aces of P-Pop BGYO also had the same striking command on the runway—maybe even more. Deconstructing the dapper image with denim iterations, Gelo, Nate, JL, Akira, and Mikki fit into edginess like a glove.

Bang Pineda Style of BGYO JL Gelo Nate Mikki Akira

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Meanwhile, VXON’s Patrick and Vince were two peas in a pod in their blonde manes and tailored shoulders. While the main dancer wore a structured black and blue ensemble, the group’s main visual donned a vest and button down in one creation. 

Bang Pineda Style of Bang VXON Patrick Vince

Jirayu Tucker’s presence in the show ignites a youthful and adventurous feel to Bang’s return. His hiatus a moment of reflection for the designer, his thoughtful recollection set in Paris. Hence, the homage to the City of Lights in the actor-model’s trench coat with the mini Eiffel Tower statues adorning the fabric. 

Bang Pineda Style of Bang Jirayu Tucker

Finally, a Bang Pineda show would not be complete without the presence of Hayden Kho. As the designer’s longtime muse, it would be remiss not to have him in the roster of personalities walking in the runway. During the show, Kho sported a long coat embellished with crystals shaped into tennis ball patterns. 

Bang Pineda Style of Bang Hayden Kho

Take a closer look at the pieces the male personalities who graced Style of Bang wore below.

Gelo of BGYO
BGYO Mikki
Mikki of BGYO
Nate of BGYO
BGYO Akira
Akira of BGYO
Bang Pineda Style of Bang Bailey May
Bailey May
Oliver Moeller
Oliver Moeller
Rayver Cruz
Rayver Cruz

Photographed by TIMOTHY DUEÑAS

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