Bianca Sato and Joe Ruiz Champion Sustainability in Their Streetwear Brand

Bianca Sato and Joe Ruiz Champion Sustainability in Their Streetwear Brand


In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, Bianca Sato and Joe Ruiz, founders of Revibe Culture, share their brand’s mission to propel sustainability to the forefront of fashion

In an era where sustainability is the call of fashion, it’s truly amazing to witness brands that answer this plea, and such is the case with the local streetwear label, Revibe Culture. In an exclusive interview with MEGA Man, the people behind the brand, Bianca Sato and Joe Ruiz, talked about the driving force behind their label’s inception and their far-reaching aspirations in the world of fashion.

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Rooted in green

Revibe Culture's pieces

Bianca and Joe shared that they have always harbored a deep-rooted affection for streetwear brands. As they elaborated, “Whenever we needed to refresh our wardrobes, we would often visit thrift shops as our preferred shopping destination.” Over time, their expanding wardrobe sparked the idea to curate and sell some of their cherished pieces, giving rise to their first brand, R’Houzze.

Sustainability in streetwear

Based on their experience in selling vintage and pre-owned streetwear and luxury brands, they had occasional instances where products exhibited slight blemishes, including stains and tiny pinholes. “These items proved to be more challenging to sell, prompting us to explore the concept of upcycling as a solution,” the two mentioned. 

“As a brand operating in the streetwear and fashion industry, we witness the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment, which only worsens over time.” 

Moreover, they shared the underlying philosophy behind their brand’s logo, a daisy adorned with a solitary brown petal. According to them, this signifies the concept of new beginnings, serving as a reminder that each article of clothing has the potential to be revitalized and make a valuable contribution towards a greener and more sustainable future.

From passion to purpose

The art of upcycling

At the heart of the brand’s identity lies the transformation of multiple segments of pre-loved denim pants into one-of-a-kind hoodies. The young entrepreneurs also conveyed that their passion for experimentation and blending diverse colors, forms, and textiles help them a lot in the seamless creation of each unique apparel piece.

Recently, Revibe Culture also made its debut in the concept of collaborations by joining forces with DBTK and Skee, reflecting their resolute mission to educate communities on the value of upcycling clothing. Additionally, they conveyed their eager anticipation of forthcoming partnerships that will serve as a continued platform for advocating sustainable fashion.

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Reshaping style with grit

In the early stages of their journey, the duo shared that they faced a lot of challenges in promoting upcycling, primarily stemming from limited resources. They also pointed out that they had a hard time dealing with those people who failed to appreciate the true worth of their efforts. “However, we perceive our creations as art rather than mere fabrics of clothing, as the fabrics we use have the potential to endure for a lifetime,” they said. 

Leading by example

“One of our long term goals is to introduce the brand and our advocacy worldwide and discover more ways to upcycle and recycle existing garments.”

Bianca and Joe expressed their brand’s vision, which is to stand as an influential role model for up-and-coming and established brands, urging them to embrace a more extensive range of upcycled offerings. 

Photos and Video: REVIBE CULTURE (via Instagram)

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