Bigger and Bolder: What to Expect with MEGA’s New Creative Direction

Bigger and Bolder: What to Expect with MEGA’s New Creative Direction


Unveiling a bold new masthead and expanding the magazine dimensions mark the beginning of a profound transformation for MEGA. Brace yourself for the exciting creative changes that lie ahead

The notion of change typically evokes thoughts of monumental shifts, eradicating the old, and perhaps relinquishing a part of oneself to forge ahead. However, for MEGA, change isn’t about drastic alterations; instead, it’s a seamless embrace of our essence, radiating improvement and influence. “I have always embraced change. I strongly believe that we need to allow ourselves to evolve in order to know and understand ourselves better and, ideally, become our better versions.” These are the sentiments penned by MEGA Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro, in her Editor’s note for the magazine’s 32nd anniversary issue, encapsulating the exciting direction of the Philippines’ best fashion publication.

MEGA’s February 2024 issue

This statement also finds voice in the reflections of MEGA’s new Creative Chief, Patrick Ty, and Junior Art Director, Brie Ventura. Here, they unveil the intricacies of the planning process, share their vision for these changes, and offer a sneak peek into the exciting creative transformations that await the title.

The call for change

MEGA puts a spotlight on 32 Filipino designers for its 32nd anniversary

Ventura openly shares the weight that accompanied the decision to overhaul the magazine—acknowledging the enormity of the change and the nerve-wracking aspect of introducing a new brand identity.

“It came with a lot of pressure because it’s a big change—and even more nail-biting because it’s a new branding. It would dictate the new tone of the brand.” Despite the apparent pressure, she embraced the challenge with excitement, recognizing it as a profound trust placed in her creative hands. “When we were building the new visual direction for MEGA, everything felt fresh because we had the liberty to really reintegrate ideas and reinterpret the magazine in a new light,” she shares.

Meanwhile, reflecting on the remarkable 32-year journey of the title within the industry, Ty expresses delight in not only becoming a part of the forthcoming chapter but also taking on the artistic responsibilities to lead it. Overflowing with gratitude, he extends appreciation to key figures behind the recently unveiled creative transformation, stating, “I am very thankful to our CEO Archie Carrasco and Editor-in-Chief Peewee Reyes-Isidro, for trusting my vision. Also, to the entire editorial team for their collective efforts in bringing the vision to life.”

Beyond the spread

For MEGA’s beauty pages, Janine Gutierrez tries out a sharp bob cut with the help of her trusted hairstylist, Jay Aquino

MEGA’s Junior Art Director shares a behind-the-scenes story, exposing that the initial glimpses of “Make it Big, Make it MEGA” weren’t part of the initial game plan. “It was only pursued when we finally decided what the new logo was going to be,” she reveals. Placing a spotlight on the pivotal role of one guiding principle, she articulates, “But with this singular core statement, everything fell into place. We imagined MEGA on a grander scale—larger than life ideas, statement beauty looks. You name it. It is with this newfound sense of direction that I knew that the new MEGA has to be something powerful,” Ventura confidently expresses.

Trickie Lopa, Seph Bagasao, and Esme Palaganas talk about the business of fashion in the latest issue

On the other hand, Ty chooses brevity, delivering a concise yet impactful statement that the brand is set to “make it big” by opening the doors to the creative community and fostering an environment for imagination to flourish.

“MEGA is the magazine for Filipino creatives. We bring innovative, resourceful, and new ideas and points of view to the global stage, and having the magazine reflect the greatness of our talent seemed just right! Each page of MEGA is a reflection of the Filipino voice.”

Patrick Ty lays out his bold vision for the title

The new masthead 

MEGA's new logo
MEGA’s new masthead

Rooted in personal experiences with the evolving landscape of MEGA, Ty outlines the immediate objective: to present the title’s audience with a groundbreaking proposition—a significant shift in the form of modernizing and revamping the logo to encapsulate a more contemporary, distinctive appeal while upholding its inherent timeless beauty. Recounting the initial reactions of the editorial team, Ty admits, “It was a bit of a shock in the beginning when the team first saw it, and quite honestly, there was a mix of reactions and opinions. However, we all understood the need for a fresh start, a new direction.”

In the February issue, discover how Pat Cortez embodies the saying of owning one’s style

Playing a major role in shaping the new masthead, Ventura opens up about the exhaustive research conducted to find the ideal presentation. “I flipped through pages of countless magazines to help visualize how the new masthead should look. Unearthing past MEGA issues was a big help, too—it set the tone of where I would want the next MEGA to be,” she discloses.

With confidence, MEGA’s Junior Art Director firmly states that the chosen masthead can symbolize as a catalyst for innovative ideas, strategic marketing plans, and dynamic creative pursuits, charting a course for the title to conquer a brave new world.

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Moving forward 

Designers Ivarluski Aseron and Jaggy Glarino collaborate on a special feature for the anniversary issue

Central to Ty’s fascination is the concept of a creative exchange. Marking his return to the publishing industry, he endeavors to transform every page of MEGA into a vivid reflection of the pinnacle of Philippine fashion—an unfolding narrative chronicling industry triumphs. Yet, more profoundly, he envisions it as the Filipino creative’s stage to unveil untapped potentials, push boundaries, and showcase the breadth of their capabilities. Ty emphasizes, “We intend to create and further explore the dialogue between our icons and ingenues. This will give birth to new propositions that MEGA will be a platform for.”

JOEY SAMSON dress and RICKY VICENCIO headpiece

As our discussion with Ventura draws to a close, she unveils a glimpse of the brand’s future—an intriguing direction that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a fashion title. It’s set to be more artistic and expressive, promising to celebrate individuality, champion local artistry, and boldly break boundaries. Ventura punctuates this exciting revelation by sharing a cherished line that Reyes-Isidro wrote in the Editor’s note of the anniversary issue: “MEGA is always changing. But make no doubt about it—it’s always going to be MEGA!”

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