The Biggest Fashion Show of The Year Is Under Way With Maymay Entrata

The Biggest Fashion Show of The Year Is Under Way With Maymay Entrata


As the days drum up to the much-awaited #TheNewPH MEGA Millennial Ball, we go behind-the-scenes with the preparations for the highly anticipated Furne One fashion show starting off with Maymay Entrata.

Even as early as now, there are glowing, sparkling and lofty reputation that precedes the Furne One fashion show. Set to be the highlight of the MEGA Millennial Ball. while the rest of the details for the Pinoy Pride festivities are tightly under wraps, we do have an exclusive sneak peek at Furne One’s Amato couture fitting that is going to be headlined by Maymay Entrata.

Heavily cloaked in mystery, one thing is sure—this is set to be one of, if not the most expensive fashion show produced locally to date. Ringing at roughly 80million pesos, no (Swarovski) stone is being left unturned. Furne One and his team are pulling out all the stops for this milestone of a 25th anniversary homecoming.

As the Amato team sets the day’s prepping stage for Maymay Entrata, Furne One couldn’t help but look back at the journey he has been on thus far. From sketching dresses as early as 10-years old to winning the first ever MEGA Young Designer’s Competition and finally finding a home away from home in Dubai, his story is as inspiring as it can get. But getting his foot in the hard-to-penetrate world of mainstream fashion wasn’t easy, he says. With years toiled bringing fairytale fantasies come to life, all things changed when Furne One met supermodel Heidi Klum, with whom he has developed a close relationship with over the years. Since then he has been introduced to Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, even lately dressing up the winner of Germany’s Next Top Model. Clearly, Furne One takes a model and turns them into a super.

This time around, he has his eyes on grooming Maymay Entrata into being the model that she dreams to be.

Amidst the bustle of energy and preparations, the Amato team drapes Maymay in what can be said to be some of the must stunning pieces we’ve seen so far. It isn’t a stretch for the young actress and personality, as this early on in her career, she has amassed a portfolio of visual narratives that are clearly, for lack of a better term, model-esque. A fitting punctuation to this dream duo coming together, Maymay Entrata’s turn on the MEGA June 2018 cover, along with 8 of the brightest and boldest young women in the industry today, is proof that she can take the dress and turn it into a daydream realized.

Wherever this crossing of paths will take both Maymay Entrata and Furne One is something we will sit back and wait to see unravel at the MEGA Millennial Ball. What is clear is that from this point forward, her fashion status is ensured, as if flicked by a fairy godmother’s wand, making her long-held dream a reality.

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