BINI Beauty: Decoding Each BINI Member’s Off-Duty Makeup Look

BINI Beauty: Decoding Each BINI Member’s Off-Duty Makeup Look


From doll-like sugary aesthetics to daring and fierce maquillage, each BINI member has their own go-to style when not in full on stage glam. MEGA Style highlights each of the eight-piece female group’s beauty looks

Since their debut, the BINI ladies have been nothing short of experimental not only in sound and style, but also in beauty. With their discography eras, the nation’s girl group has tried out variations of glitter eyeshadow, bright lip tints, and glam rock—all in sync with their music. However, BINI’s distinct cosmetic choices off-screen definitely deserve a spot in the Philippine beauty radar as well. See which beauty combos and makeup looks belong to each BINI member, and find some inspiration in the style that you can steal.

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face
BINI aka Nation’s Girl Group

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Jhoanna the Mane Maiden

It’s no secret that Jhoanna is a Mane Maiden who can rock any hairstyle. But when she’s not sporting her performance-ready tresses, the group’s leader still keeps her look put together with her classic middle-part. Adding some symmetry in frame, her face becomes the focal point that easily makes her a head-turner. 

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face jhoanna
Bini Jhoanna

Maloi the Asian Coquette Doll

On and off duty, Maloi is a doll who has mastered the techniques of Korean makeup trends. She brings out her natural, feminine glow by using a bright pink blush to color and contour her face. For the eyes, she further accentuates it through the aegyo-sal technique which is using a neutral, shimmer highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes and drawing a subtle contour line below the natural waterline. The finishing touch? Maloi wears bayonetta glasses to further add structure to her features.  

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face maloi
Bini Maloi

Colet the Black Cat

Known for her no-BS energy, Colet’s off-duty look also resonates with her black cat energy. Quick, easy, and straightforward just like her, she maintains a healthy and hydrated base as her canvas, paired with brushed up brows, a touch of coral blush, and some gloss. Colet also opts for a thin and sharp wing to slightly elongate and accentuate her eyes. No unnecessary fuss, Colet’s cool composure translates to her signature beauty look. 

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face colet
Bini Colet

Sheena the Sunkissed Sweetheart

You can take the girl out of the “Pantropiko” fever, but you can’t take the “Pantropiko” effect out of the girl. Sheena is easily the group’s endearing sweetheart, and that sunshine energy goes the same for her beauty look. For her blush, she opts for flushed effect by applying cheek to cheek and swiping it across the nose bridge. The best pairing for glowing skin after spending some time under the sun? Golden eyeshadow on the eyelids which Sheena did. 

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face sheena
Bini Sheena

Gwen the Expensive It-Girl

In the beauty department, Gwen is known for elevating her natural features. As the expensive it-girl, Gwen has a specific beauty equation that doesn’t draw attention away from her natural features but rather dramatizes it. She love a strong cat-eye and bold lash combo, stronger contour, and darker lipstick shades. Topping it all off is metallic eyeshadow that adds extra glamour to the look with minimal effort.

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face gwen
Bini Gwen

Mikha the Edgy Redhead

When off the stage, Mikha’s look subtle yet edgy and cool. Since she already has vibrant red hair, she opts for a more pared down beauty look to balance it out—brushed up eyebrows, volumized lashes, and simple black liner to make her eyes pop. Aside from her red hair, the next focal point of her look is her stained lips layered with a ultra-shiny gloss that makes for juicy pout.

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face mikha
Bini Mikha

Stacey the Dazzling Diva

For the pink princess, it’s no surprise that her subtle yet glistening finish mimics the natural glow of her skin with a dazzling diva look. Stacey’s beauty is the happy medium between no-makeup makeup and full glam with light and soft pinks all over the face and bright inner-corners for her eyes. With Stacey’s beauty aesthetic, it’s all about a blended and lightweight base, strong lashes, and full brows.

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face stacey
Bini Stacey

Aiah the Stunning Siren

In the group, Aiah is the visual, but that title also extends on the beauty front off the stage. With classic brown eyeshadow, pink cheeks, curled lashes, and lined lip and gloss combination, Aiah’s every feature is addressed with soft colors and natural-looking textures. 

BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face aiah
Bini Aiah
BINI makeup looks beauty off-duty casual hair face aiah
Aiah sports a wet look for a photoshoot

But the sweet siren can also elevate her allure with a different beauty direction—a vision in glass skin, shimmering eyes and hydrated pinky-nude lips, Aiah leaves you slack-jawed in admiration with this wet look. With just the right amount of dew, Aiah’s ultra sleek hair and fresh skin, anchored by those statement brows and flushed cheeks give her an iridescent glow.

Featured Image: BINI (via Instagram)

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