Bioten and Nadine Lustre Team Up For A Responsible Beauty Movement

Bioten and Nadine Lustre Team Up For A Responsible Beauty Movement


The beauty brand and the multihyphenate are one in advocating sustainibility and saving the environment.

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Nowadays, people are more perceptive when it comes to the things that they consume. From testimonials on different sites and apps to reviews on online shopping platforms—we read them to ensure that our purchases are worth every peso we spend. Online activism, in a way, has also helped us become more aware of issues such as global warming and climate change.

As the world is in dire need of change, we must begin this with ourselves and our lifestyles. Conscious consumption is one of the things that can help us improve the condition of our lives and the world we live in. In taking care of something better, why not start with our own skin and spirit?

Bioten Leads The Way

With nature as their passion, Bioten—a Greek skincare brand from the Sarantis Group established in 1930 and having strong visibility around Europe—has come up with ways to sustain our skincare needs with the use of natural ingredients. Besides their innitiative for using eco-friendly ingredients and methods, they also make sure that their products are paraben-free and tested on human volunteers and not animals. Moreover, Bioten also uses packaging made from recyclable materials and applies energy management systems in their factory.

There is still so much objection with aging, but Bioten can help you age gracefully as you maintain your glowing skin. Addressing as much skin woes as possible, the brand ensures that their products will keep you moisturized and guarded with components from nature.

Your skin will thank you today and twenty (or more!) years down the road as soon as you try out their two skincare lines.

The Bioten Skin Glow Line

Want to achieve a luminious skin? According to Bioten, just count to ten! The products of this line contain potent extracts of Niacinamide, Centella asiatica, Camelia japonica, Matsutake Mushroom, Mulberry, Paper Mulberry, Green Tea, Apple Fruit, Rhus semialata extracts, and Glucosamine to make your skin glow.

Besides these ingredients, they are also laced with Vitamin B3 to strengthen your skin and improve your skin tone. Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant is also in the formula to lessen hyperpigmentation.

Keeping its promise to target our skin woes, the Skin Glow Line has Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Pro-vitamin B5, and Glycerin to hydrate, smoothen, and soften our skin.

With 98% of its ingredients from natural origin, this vegan-friendly line will perfectly fit your morning or nighttime skincare routine!

The Bioten Vitamin C Line

Before, as children, we were exposed to Vitamin C for immunity and protection from diseases. Who knew we’d need it so much more as we grow older? Ascorbic acid actually helps in brightening our skin, forming collagen, repairing skin cells, and protecting our skin from damage. This time, Bioten teams up Vitamin C with a brightening amino acid to leave dull skin out of the picture.

With 90% of its ingredients coming from natural origin, this line works to brighten you and the world!

The Bioten Babe

The brand has chosen none other than the eco-warrior herself, Nadine Lustre, as Bioten’s ambassador since 2020.

Using her influence for the better, the multihyphenate has partnered with Bioten and organizations For The Future and Make A Difference (MAD) Travel for the reforestiation of Yangil, Zambales. The two organizations have been actively advocating the restoration of Yangil’s forest land.

The Green and Honest by the Numbers Campaign aims to raise funds to plant 88,000 trees for the Aetas in area. Besides them as our first line of defense during typhoons, the trees are also a source of livelihood for the tribe.

Nadine shares, “I believe I have a responsibility to the next generations—I will do what I can to raise awareness for a more sustainable future, as well as take concrete action. I begin here—with raising funds for trees. I hope everyone will join me in doing this.”

Why 88,000? “Bioten has always been honest about the ingredients that are put into every bottle it makes. We’re not 100% natural but each box proudly and truthfully states the percentage of natural ingredients used in it,” explains Angie Goyena, President of iFace . “The Bioten Skin Moisture line uses 88% ingredients of natural origin and is the line Nadine is most associated with, hence the commitment to fund 88,000 trees.

From the 44,000 seeds that Nadine pledged, Bioten is matching it up for a total number of 88,000 future fruit and forest trees.

Each seedling costs PHP 50 and anyone can donate through this link. You can also read more about the reforestation project here.

Bioten Skin Moisture is available at Watsons, The SM Store, and online on Amorfia and Lazada.

Visit Bioten on Facebook (Bioten Philippines) and on Instagram (@biotenphilippines).

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