Blinged Up Bags is the Gen Z Way of Accessorising

Blinged Up Bags is the Gen Z Way of Accessorising


Find out why Gen Z has been accessorizing their bags and how you can hop on the trend

When it comes to accessorizing, best believe that the Gen Z’s have got the best tricks down to the tee. We figured out how we can make use of the accessories that go beyond their usual fashion, like chain straps as belts or pendants for DIY rings. It’s a subculture that is waiting to be mainstream, and we’ve got another trend coming in that many have been doing in their own style. 

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Ry Velasco Blinged Up Bags
Photo: RY VELASCO (via Instagram)

Back to the past

While it’s not new to the fashion scene, it’s refreshing to see a nostalgic style we’ve all done at one point in our childhood. From shoulder bags, mini bags, to backpacks—they had funky keychains dangling that made them look extra cute that time. 

However, this style retired for quite some time when people started to lean towards a clean look when it comes to accessorizing. But it is expected in fashion that once we’ve grown accustomed to one trend, it’s bound to switch to the other side to keep things exciting. 

Blinged Up Bags
Photo: THREADS GEN (via Instagram)

Since fashion enthusiasts have been taking their time with Y2K fashion, we went from pared-down minimalism to ultra chic maximalist that takes us back to ten years ago. And now, the retired accessorized bag makes its comeback to the mainstream culture.

We’re seeing iterations of the style as influencers post their outfits featuring their blinged up bags. Chain links go across the straps, pendants are hanging on the side, while others are adding pins on the exterior. It’s definitely a playful way of elevating your go-to bag and it’s a nice detail to those who are enjoying the Y2K train. 

Justine Llarena Blinged Up Bags
Photo: JUSTINE LLARENA (via Instagram)

If you’re thinking of jumping on the bandwagon, all you have to do is get creative in your choice of accessories. Make sure to choose eye-catching designs for keychains and don’t forget to bundle up two to three for the ultimate early 2000s finish.  

Featured Image: KILLA KUSHLA (via Instagram)

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