Bored Of Your Long Hair? Here Are 4 Fashion-Forward Ways To Style Them

Bored Of Your Long Hair? Here Are 4 Fashion-Forward Ways To Style Them


Who says that long hair is boring? Manila’s top hairstylists showed us new ways to embellish, braid, extend and curl our manes.

1. Upgraded Braids

This Spring, braids have taken a modern turn. Instead of the simple single plaits, they are artfully executed with unexpected accessories. Don’t get intimated— although intricate-looking, it is hardly difficult.  
“I took inspiration from the 60s and 70s, from designers such as Paco Rabanne, who is into architectural styles. With his architectural style in mind, I added gold loops where the strands were twisted on, which created the illusion of next-level braids. I didn’t prep the hair at all so it was damp enough to have texture, grip, and character. Women (or even men) who admire art as a whole — not just beauty — will be able to pull off this look.” – Jan Edrosolan

2. Extra Long Mane

The “new year, new hair” phrase isn’t synonymous to a “new haircut”. Consider skipping the major hair chop or splurging on hair extensions for a ‘do that’s long, loose, and liberating.
“For 2018, I want women to feel like a mermaid or a modern Disney princess with extra long hair. My trick to keep long locks from getting dry and brittle (especially on the ends) is to use a serum to prep the hair.” – Aries Manal

3. Embellished Curls

Just like the good ‘ol days, your hair deserves to be accessorized just as much as your fingers and ears. The hair memo? Clips are back and it’s the best accessory to embellish a deep side parting.
“I spritzed some water on the model’s ironed hair to bring out her natural curls, then sprayed some curl activators to make it frizz-free. Soon after, I dried the hair using a hair diffuser. Once the style was set, I popped on a bejeweled hair accessory, placing it right at the ear to add more oomph to the overall look, the same way a statement earring does.” – Boggy Diaz

4. Not-So-Basic Ponytail

The humble ponytail gets an edgy treatment. Inspired by Rihanna’s Bungee Cord ponytail at Fenty Puma S/S ‘18, hair is pulled back and serious at the front with a rowdy brawl at the back, catching the attention of anyone who walks your way.
“I started with a high ponytail, which I then sectioned using black elastics. Next, I wrapped each section with bright yellow cords as accents. When women sport this hairstyle, I want them to feel cool, daring, and quirky at once.” – Rochelle Lacuna
By: Patricia Meliliza
Assisted by: Marella Ricketts
Art Direction: Macky Arquilla
Photography: Myk Yco of New Monarq Creativx
Makeup: Boggy Diaz and Rochelle Lacuna of New Monarq Creativx
Hair: Jan Edrosolan, Aries Manal using Hair On Point, Boggy Diaz and Rochelle Lacuna of New Monarq Creativx

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