Bradley Cooper Joins Louis Vuitton For The Tambour Twenty

Bradley Cooper Joins Louis Vuitton For The Tambour Twenty


With so much of the Maison’s heritage and history carried on a wrist piece, the Tambour Twenty will only be available in 200 pieces.

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Art of travel—these three words embody what Louis Vuitton stands for as a House of fashion. The Maison’s foundation may have started with their luggage and bags, but time is a testament that Louis Vuitton can showcase the vision it lives by through other pieces such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, and even fragrance.

After cementing its path to watchmaking in 2002, Louis Vuitton now celebrates two decades in the industry of creating time pieces with the latest edition of the Tambour watch—the Tambour Twenty.

The Tambour for Time-telling

The creation of La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton for this year is a look back on the Tambour’s design codes.

According to the House’s Marketing and Development Director Jean Arnault, “Watch enthusiasts will recognize all the features that made the Tambour’s design so unique. While this limited edition is a true concentrate of everything that made this watch stand out, it also
boasts brand new features that will set it apart for collectors.”

The Tambour Twenty features a deep, flared shape of the 41.5 mm diameter case that balances a feel of robustness and reliability. One look across numbers and indexes and you will find the letters forming “Louis Vuitton” on it, a nod to the first edition launched in 2002.

Moreover, what makes the collector’s edition stand out among its Tambour predecessors is the brown sun-brushed dial that adds a smooth feel to the watch.

A Louis Vuitton piece is not one without the intact pairing of brown and yellow. The choronograph gives us this with its long, yellow hand glides. Think of the dial as the textured leather of the luggage or the bag, and the hands as the thread historically used by the Maison to seam the leather pieces together.

In addition to these features, the 2022 Tambour timepiece is water-resistant up to 100 meters. It also uses a 22-carat gold rotor for its LV277 high-frequency movement— the latter a homage to the first automatic chronograph, the Zenith El Primero.

Like a secret language only a few can understand, the Maison will only produce 200 pieces of the Tambour Twenty.

And to keep the time piece’s magic within your reach, encase your Tambour Twenty in the special miniature trunk in Monogram canvas—a tribute to Louis Vuitton’s legacy on giving artistry to traveling.

The Tambour for Storytelling

With the rebirth of the first face of Tambour Twenty comes the newest face of Louis Vuitton for the campaign—Bradley Cooper.

The critically-acclaimed actor and director stars in the special campaign video directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Damien Chazelle. Meanwhile, photographer Boo George captured the campaign’s still images.

Watch the new face sporting the Tambour timepiece redux in his journey through and beyond time:

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