This Brand New Foundation is Sure to Make You Smile

This Brand New Foundation is Sure to Make You Smile


We’ve all been there. One day, you wake up and you wish you could just burrow back into your bed. Maybe it’s a Friday and the week has been long AF and you just need one last hurrah to make it to the weekend. Unfortunately, your skin is not having any of it and it looks wan, lacks bounce and that all important glow. What’s a girl to do?

If you’re like many women, you’re probably reaching for a bottle of foundation—the thicker the better—to cover the lack of sleep, endless cups of coffee and glasses of wine (life juice as we like to call it) and late night excursions for a hot greasy meal that you’re not putting down in your food diary. For years, we’ve been taught to cover all those skin sins, whether with foundation or concealer or both. It’s all good, except wearing an inch-thick of product on your skin doesn’t feel comfortable and many times, it just aggravates the situation. How many times have you left the house thinking you’re looking fresh only to have the morning sun tell you otherwise: cakey, powdery makeup only looks good on the ‘gram, but not in real life.

Enter BENEFIT Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation (P1800). This featherlight foundation is packed with blurring powders that serve to blur and filter out dark circles, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Available in 12 translucent shades from fair to deep, this is the latest release from the San Francisco-based cosmetics company known for their sunny persona and cheekily-named products such as They’re Real! Mascara, Gimme Brow tinted brow gel and the POREfessional primer. Their latest product was borne out of their customers’ desire to have natural-looking perfect skin that is long-wearing and lightweight. Hello Happy promises up to 12 hours of wear and is as lightweight as they come. Inspired by photography app filters, this foundation doesn’t cover a bad day with loads of product, it simply filters them away the same way Golden Hour sun and a few rounds of Happy Hour vodka does. Of course, this being Benefit, they’ve come up with a name and packaging (heart eyes and a smiling face) that’s bound to make one smile.


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