Bretman Rock, His Big Leo Energy, And All The Reasons Why We’re Stanning Even Harder

Bretman Rock, His Big Leo Energy, And All The Reasons Why We’re Stanning Even Harder


A living testament to how one can unapologetically and effortlessly find the spotlight and own it, Da Baddest B*tch and birthday boy himself, Bretman Rock, lets his Leo idiosyncrasies roar, making us stan even more.

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Tagging all his fellow Leos, Bretman Rock has that feisty and fierce feline of the zodiac moments in whatever he does. As he roars to the Leo season, being the very extra person that he is, he’s got a nude photoshoot with only greens essential to the plant momma, as well as hilarious and completely real tweets on Twitter that are entertaining at every scroll.

With millions of followers and subscribers, Bretman has never failed to do better, using his platform wisely. When the entire world came together to protest social injustices in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, he was quick to call out other influencers in using their voice and digital space to positively influence and create awareness. “Some people have been too quiet lately, and not using their voice. Yes, retweeting things is cute and all, but, that is not using your voice. That is not using your influence,” says Bretman on an IG story exposition.

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Let’s not act like this is the first time you’ve seen the hashtag #blacklivesmatter and the name George Floyd. ✨Because this has been going on for way to long for you to act clueless when it comes to this issue. Black people pioneered and essentially created our culture today.. And they deserve to feel protected just like the rest of us because they are HUMANS. ✨❤️ I for one admit that I would not be who I am today without the influence and support from the black community and I believe that supporting this movement is the LEAST I can do.. Please use your platform to echo their voices, you do not need millions of followers to support a movement and most importantly you do not have to be black to support #blacklivesmatter

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Adding to his long list of multiple hyphenates, the singer, songwriter, actor, actress, athlete, activist, a scientist on the mothahf*ckin side, the star of crystal of the day, a coconut water connoisseur, the newest MTV star, mascara master, and cereal critic announced via his Instagram account that he is the new Ambassador of Klarna, a shopping and online payment platform in the US. Dressed as a mermaid in a coral-themed tub filled with soap bubbles, Bretman’s flamboyance naturally emanates. I mean, look at that Leo energy. In under three minutes, his verve makes him the rightful queen of the sea.

“Because without any turtles, we wouldn’t have any turtles,” quotes Bretman Rock in every cold open of his vlog. If you’re constantly viewing his IG stories and watching his vlogs, you’ll know how this simple advocacy of Bretman habituated him to quit plastic materials such as plastic straw for good to cause no further harm on sea turtles and other marine creatures.

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A true Filipino by blood and by nature, up to this day, the irreverent Youtube star has always looked back to his Filipino roots. On a separate article, we listed all the times Bretman proved how damn proud of a Filipino he is. Talking about it whenever he can, this display of keen attunement for his heritage is very admirable in a world of constant discontent.

From when Bretman and his family moved to Hawaii, he has then been open to refer to himself as an immigrant and a person of color. Bretman is never keeping quiet, especially during the times when people of color are facing brutality, immigrant kids are becoming voiceless, and LGBTQIA+ community are brazening inequality. Thus, as one of the influential queer standouts, he is rightfully part of the Megastyle’s Pride feature this year. This is his true self and no one is going to ever change that, because that alone is what made all of us stan Bretman Da Baddest Rock on his birthday most especially, but rightfully in all the other days of the calendar as well.

Kids, this is how you live out that true Leo energy.

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