Bright And Win Take On The Philippines With Their Radiant Skin

Bright And Win Take On The Philippines With Their Radiant Skin


Bright and Win answer questions by Filipino fans in a new video by Olay. We bring to you an exclusive insight on their newest body care secret. 

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Thai actors, Bright and Win, have disrupted the usual notion of what Philippine primetime is. Earlier this year, we all braced our heartstrings as we saw the two dive into a show that has launched their career to a multinational audience. This drove a social media frenzy not only in Thailand, but in other South East Asian countries as well. As a matter of fact, it was one of the most viewed series in the Philippine’s iWant streaming platform. With Bright and Win just at the early stages of their career, who’s to figure what these boys will do next? Read on to find out about their latest venture in the Philippines.


The boys of the aforementioned hit TV show, 2gether: The Series, are the beloved Bright and Win playing as Sarawat and Tine, respectively. First, we have Bright Vachirawit who is a 22 year-old Thai-Chinese-American actor, host, and model. He has appeared on numerous shows since 2013, but his first big appearance is as Sarawat in 2gether. On the other hand, we have Win Metwain a 21 year-old Thai actor and singer of Chinese descent. Unlike Bright, Win is a newcomer in the Thai entertainment industry. His first project is 2gether and his singing career only came into fruition in the year 2020. Now, these boys are considered multinational superstars across South East Asia.

Bright and Win Take The Philippines By Storm
Now, the two are furthering their influence as the newest faces of Olay Bodyscience here in the Philippines. Olay has been keeping this news under wraps, while the quarantine was ongoing. After a few months of preparation, we will finally be able to see their special brand welcoming video of Bright and Win. In the video, they answer fun questions from the fans and announce their official partnership with Olay.



This is a very special moment for both Bright and Win, because it will be their first brand endorsement here in the Philippines. On Olay’s end, the brand’s commitment to promoting the boys and Bodyscience is unparalleled. This is because most of the team are already huge fans of Bright and Win, which gives them the absolute honor to be the first brand to bring the two Thai actors to the Philippines. Aside from this, the partnership can be viewed as an advantage for Filipino fans. Through Olay, Bright and Win fans of the Philippines will have a way of relating to the two actors via Olay’s platforms. 

The Secret to Bright and Radiant Skin 
If there is one thing that we can agree on, it’s that these boys are bright and radiant. From head to toe, you could see that they have impeccable skin. Which is why it is only befitting, that they are now the new faces of Olay Philippines’ Bodyscience Body Wash. The overarching idea of Olay’s Bodyscience is skincare for your body. With Bright and Win as the forefront of this campaign, we’ll be seeing a completely inclusive approach for the brand. Besides, there is supposedly no-telling who body care is for, anyway. Everyone should be able to take care of their skin, as much as they can.


In the video by Olay, Bright and Win express their excitement in bringing Bodyscience to the Philippines. Along with a few quirky clips, the two acclaimed actors share with us the benefits of having a body wash that cleanses and nourishes from head to toe. The best part is that the new Olay Bodyscience contains Niacinamide (B3+) and Vitamin C, which is usually found in facial care products. Now we know what keeps these boys glowing in every scene of their show. With Olay Bodyscience, anyone can experience an overall even skin tone just like Bright and Win.

The Future of Bright and Win As They Forge A Relationship with Olay
The “new normal” has brought along a lot of adjustments in the way we live. As we soon face the aftermath of the pandemic, we’ll be looking for products that provide to us a more accessible way of receiving all the nutrients our body needs. Gone are the days when you would need to pack on skin supplementing regimens during your daily showers. With the Olay Bodyscience, you’ll be getting the right amount of nutrients for your skin in just one shower.


With all that being said, the two young Thai stars still have a long way to go. As their first TV show wraps up, one may wonder what these boys are off to do next. During quarantine, they have been safely promoting their show and endorsing products from all over South East Asia. Their partnership with Olay Bodyscience is the first in the Philippines. We can’t wait to find out what Bright and Win will do next here in the Philippines, especially after the pandemic has been rid of. We are hoping that they’ll be back for another fan greet, but this time in real life. Stay tuned for more updates on Thailand’s up and coming actors. You may purchase Bright and Win’s favorite body was, Olay Bodyscience, on Lazada and Shopee here.


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