Brightening Skincare: The Safe Way To Get A Glowing Complexion

Brightening Skincare: The Safe Way To Get A Glowing Complexion


The definition of brightening skincare and why it’s one of the best approaches to giving your skin its best glow.

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A major tell sign of having healthy skin is a natural glow. It’s the kind of radiance that looks and feels so good that makes you confidently head out the door bare-faced. However common causes like lack of sleep, stress, age, and even what you eat can make this kind of radiance hard to achieve on the regular. So how can one combat this? With a simple but solid brightening skincare routine.

Brightening Skincare vs. Whitening Skincare

An important note to remember is that brightening skin care and skin whitening are two completely different things, which, unfortunately, are often used interchangeably. We believe that every skin color is beautiful, so when we talk about skin brightening, it focuses on fading certain discolorations or dullness such as dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmented skin, and post-acne spots and blemishes. While skin whitening is about bleaching the skin beyond its natural skin tone to make it look lighter. 

Why Brightening Skincare Is Safe For All Skin Tones

Brightening products use a completely different set of ingredients than whitening products and are proven to be gentler and nourishing to the skin. Brightening ingredients mainly work on cell regeneration which is the skin’s natural restoring mechanism to heal areas of melanin concentration that exist due to external damage. The end goal is to restore brightness, radiance, and vitality to one’s complexion and that can be achieved by any skin color. 

The Products To Try

A fellow morena who knows her way around brightening skincare is none other than Nadine Lustre. One beauty line she trusts and swears by is Bioten, a European skincare brand that uses science natural ingredients, and great formulation to simplify the road to having glowing skin. Their latest line the Skin Glow––which consists of a moisturizing toner, day cream, and night moisturizer––all formulated with ten skin brightening active ingredients such as Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin E which are known to decrease hyperpigmentation and soften skin texture. 

If you’ve also been hearing about the brightening and anti-aging wonders of Vitamin C but are wary of adding it to your routine due to its potency, Bioten’s dedicated line to the ingredient is one way to ease into it. The line consists of a day and night cream made with 100% natural orange and lime extract and anti-aging ampoules, which safely contains 5% Vitamin C and brightening amino acid. The line will not only provide immediate nourishment and glow, but will also repair, protect, and nurture the skin for lasting results. 

Last but not the least, it’s vital that every brightening skincare routine includes the daily use of sunscreen. Brightening ingredients can increase sun-sensitivity and most cases of hyperpigmentation and dark spots are due to UV rays and insufficient protection. So, to avoid future discoloration, don’t forget to always end with a generous amount of sunscreen. 

Bioten Skin Glow and Bioten Vitamin C are available at Watsons, The SM Store, and online on Amorfia and Lazada.

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