The Brow Edit: These Brow Trends are Having a Moment

The Brow Edit: These Brow Trends are Having a Moment


There are quite a few beauty categories that are considered transformative. A visit to the hair salon, as we all know it, is one of the most accessible ways to update a look. Another option to up the ante is to give the brows the same edit. And as most of us lean towards the usual brow treatment, a new wave of trends is convincing us to make a bolder move.

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We rounded out some of the best brow looks that we’ve been spotting on some of our favorite beauty gurus. Scroll down and find your next brow peg. 

Bleached Brows

It appears that the future of brows is no brows at all. The controversial beauty trend made a brave comeback this season, and is seen on stars like Julia Fox and Kendall Jenner. The barely-there brow look can give anyone an editorial edit, and it also serves as a perfect canvas for a plethora of makeup looks.

To test this out, you can start by coating your brow hair with a concealer that is at least two shades lighter than your complexion. Once you are ready to commit to fully bleaching your brows, you can ask your stylist to set out the right mix and shade that can best flatter your skin tone.

Lightly-Shaded Brows 

Kylie Jenner is making a big case for lightly-shaded brows. It’s quite similar to the bleached brow, but can be distinguished as a shade closer to your complexion.

To get this look, you can opt for brow products that are lighter than your hair strands. A trusted brow tint can also help pull this look off without the commitment to peroxide. 

Laminated Eyebrows 

Clean, refined, and lifted brows are a mainstay in the brow category. Dubbed “laminated brows,” this look can be achieved through a brow lamination treatment that is comparable to the well-known lash lift. Only this time, brow hairs are manipulated with solutions for a fuller, more uniformed, and defined look. It’s also non-invasive, which is ideal for anyone who wants a semi-permanent soap brow. 

’90s Thin Eyebrows

An homage to the ‘90s trend, thin eyebrows have finally re-entered the beauty chat. In contrast to the bushy brow, this look can soften any face feature while giving it an editorial edge. And though it may sound like a big commitment, a faux slimmer brow can also be achieved.

A nod to our beloved drag queens’ best-kept beauty secret, start with running a glue stick to the brows to flatten it. Once accomplished, set it with a translucent powder before layering it with a foundation. Repeat the process until the brows are nearly non-existent. And with a brow pencil or pomade, you can now replicate a thin eyebrow.

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