Bryan Boy Throws An #InventingAnna Inspired Birthday In Morroco

Bryan Boy Throws An #InventingAnna Inspired Birthday In Morroco


#InventingBryan was the birthday party Anna Delvey wished she could throw! Here’s a lowdown on Bryan Boy’s birthday bash in Morroco.

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Remember the Morroco episode in Netflix’s hit TV show, Inventing Anna? The one where Rachel had to put down a card, because they wouldn’t let Anna and her friends out of the resort. Definitely, the most intense part of the show. So, imagine that whole Morroco experience, except everything went fabulously right.

That’s what influencer and December 2021 MEGA cover star, Bryan Boy, did for his 40th birthday. He had the whole Anna Delvey in Morroco experience without the famous, “Rachel, you know I’m good for the money. Just wait for the wire transfer” scenario.

Bryan Boy and his guests flew to Marrakesh, Morroco for a weekend getaway in the Mandarin Oriental. Some of his friends who joined the trip were Doctor Vicki Belo, Doctor Hayden Kho, Bang Pineda, Tamu McPherson, Audrey Peters, and more. Just like Anna, the group of friends booked a villa where they enjoyed drinks, ate delicious meals, and partied the night away.

The fashion influencer pulled out all stops for his birthday looks. He was seen wearing a long lucious Lanvin cape paired with Gucci pants, Edhen Milano loafers, and a black Hermès Kelly. Bryan also stunned in a gold embroidered cape by Valentino and a black Prada suit. The looks were opulent, yet tasteful showing the expertise of Bryan with regards to fashion.

They even had the chance to ride camels, take lots of photos, and explore the city of Marrakesh. This is all because Bryan wanted to celebrate his 40th birthday with a bang. Turning 40 is a big milestone for anyone, so Bryan wanted to celebrate it with the people who have supported him throughout his career. It was truly a joyful celebration filled with love and appreciation for the beloved influencer.

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