We Asked Bryanboy To Teach Tina Leung These Beauty-Related Filipino Words

We Asked Bryanboy To Teach Tina Leung These Beauty-Related Filipino Words


Watch as Bryanboy teaches his blogger bestie, Tina Leung, these Filipino beauty terms.

Multimedia mavens, Bryan Yambao aka Bryanboy and Tina Leung sit down with MEGA. The jet-setting fashionista friends flew to Manila for their routine treatments and skincare with Belo. The team spent the afternoon talking about everything beauty with the bona fide best friends.

Aside from being style trailblazers, the fashionista duo is known for being a power couple of sorts. One is hardly seen without the other, with both traveling to the next country on their itinerary together—if their schedule permits. Given that their days are packed with plans and their bodies are constantly running on different timezones, the two still gamely chatted and posed for us. And with ease, if we may add, with the two being total professionals in front of the camera.

After the shoot, we asked Bryanboy and Tina Leung to not only ask each other questions but to play a little game as well. Bryan, armed with a list of local beauty-related terms, set out to teach Tina some Filipino. The result is pure, adorable hilarity as Tina guesses the meaning behind each word.

Watch the talented tandem as they tackle these Filipino words!

Photography by Erwin Canlas
Styling by RJ Roque
Sittings Editor Trina Epilepsia-Boutain
Videography JR Ramirez
Video editing by Shaira Bungcag
On Tina: Graphic dress by VERSUS by VERSACE at DISTINQT

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