These BTS Merch Are Dynamite

These BTS Merch Are Dynamite


The global phenomenon proves that greatness is truly in their DNA with a showcase of their hit classics in A Space of BTS in Megamall

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The brand new pop-up store dedicated to the two-time Grammy nominated Korean boy band is proof that the phenomenal group continues to cement their reign over the international scene. This exclusive space in Megamall coined “A Space of BTS” is not the first of its kind. Last May 2021, we saw how ARMYs and even curious mall goers flocked to BTS Pop-Up: Map of the Soul Showcase in Metro Manila. It was so well-received that it was not only extended for two more months but we are also now seeing the second wave being pursued. 

Of course, there’s merch to dent your wallets with. We all know how crazed ARMYs get for anything slightly alluding to the boys. “A Space of BTS” visitors can expect goods that will easily transport them to earlier Bangtan eras—because the merchandise are inspired by them! Your favorites are sure to be among this list of classics used for inspo—Mic Drop, Boy With Luv, Idol, DNA and the band’s record-breaking first ever all-English bop, Dynamite. Reminiscing the good ol’ days of BTS while shopping doesn’t sound bad at all. 

You’ll find all sorts of novelties from apparel, snazzy accessories, charming stationery, adorable figurines for display and yes, even household items. 

And just like the initial space, this, too, is filled with aesthetic spots to snap photos in. Let everybody see how elated you are by capturing a photo with the charming TinyTan in their Mic Drop uniforms. Or share the love with fellow ARMYs online by using the “I Purple You” neon signage as a dainty backdrop. 

Since the pandemic is still looming over us, expect safety protocols like social distancing, wearing of masks and temperature checks by the entrance to be strictly implemented. For prevention measures, advance registration, which can be booked every Wednesday at 1 PM, is required and can be accomplished through the Morningkall website. Note that each slot actually covers two people, including the one making the reservation. Only one booking can be accommodated per account/day. 

The store opened its doors on Christmas Day last year and is only here for a limited time. It will continue to cater its patrons until March 31, 2022.

You never know a third wave might be on the way! So, keep updated with more like the BTS Pop-Up: Space of BTS at SM Megamall by following morningKall in Twitter and Instagram or visiting SM Megamall’s Facebook page.

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