BVLGARI Gives Their Iconic B.Zero1 a Millennial Makeover

BVLGARI Gives Their Iconic B.Zero1 a Millennial Makeover


The BVLGARI B.Zero1 collection had all the makings of an iconic jewelry piece. Since its grand entrance in the start of this millennium, the spiral design inspired by the Colosseum as its mold and representative of Italian design innovation has been a style staple for every generation. This season it proved proved its lasting power with a design update we are all salivating for—The B.Zero1 Labyrinth.


The Labyrinth design symbolically retraces with colorful spirals of gold the expansive expression of oneself. The bold four-band ring in white and rose gold does just that with its sleek design. Also available with pavé diamonds, one can never go wrong with this new icon



Two classic pendants dangling with a miniature B.Zero1 rings, it changes its appearance depending on how you look at it. Liquid-like gold in the center white gold on the bottom and rose gold on top, you can always see a new facet from this statement piece


Two bracelets with an edgy pendant available in black or white ceramic as well chic hoop earrings intertwined with the iconic spiral in rose gold gives a welcome offbeat coolness to the collection


Boasting of a full collection, this amazing collaboration with architecture genius Zaha Hadid reveals another design possibility for the B.Zero1. Two rings in white and rose gold with matching pendants and pavé gives it a streamlined but luxurious makeover perfect for the collection

Additional photos by RJ Roque

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