BYS Celebrates Their 10th Year Anniversary With Their Own Fashion Week

BYS Celebrates Their 10th Year Anniversary With Their Own Fashion Week


An event for all ages, styles, and personalities— BYS invites you to a week of festivities and style as they launch their fashion week this October 6-8.

Fashion and makeup— two industries that have been collaborating over the years and have been actively breaking the boundaries of what fashion and makeup should be. They continued to show resilience as two years passed yet somehow both industries found new ways for creativity and innovation. 

It’s a continuous effort as trends quickly pass by over the course of two years— an effort that BYS Philippines made despite the circumstances. And as they celebrate their 10th year anniversary, BYS Philippines brings forth a week full of creativity and style. 

Fast and constantly changing, the beauty landscape has reached new heights as new trends are introduced in all platforms. But in our local beauty community, BYS had quite an exciting year with their new products, advocacies, and initiatives that break through the barriers of beauty. 

“Recognizing one’s age is only good if it establishes a timeless appeal that nods to its past achievements, but always looks relevant in the present, and still a formidable powerhouse in the future.”

Angie Goyena, President of iFace, Inc.

Capturing the true essence of beauty and fashion, BYS celebrates its milestone with a week of festivities and creativity brought by local designers. A display of various artistry, styles, and trends— a celebration of two industries that have been integral to our personal journeys. 

“BYS Philippines has always been a brand that lets you be yourself, express yourself, love yourself harder, and break your stigmas. We are looking forward to the next 10 years.”

Angie Goyena, President of iFace, Inc.

Fashion has always been more than the material and makeup looks are more than the trends— a certain confidence manifests in our aura once we finally capture the right mix. A dynamic that is so powerful and this is what BYS plans to put out on the runway. 

Alongside their beauty line, BYS gave the platform to new and emerging designers that have been making an impact in the industry. A three-day event of fashion and beauty that is open to all ages, styles, and vibes. 

Starting their show on October 6, BYS kicks it off with Russell Russel Villafuerte, Randolf Clothing, Jaz Cerezo, and Cheetah Rivera. Where sustainable fashion walks the runway first before transitioning to a more zestful aesthetic. 

As for October 7, BYS brings their advocacy “Break Your Stigma” to the runway with mental health advocate, Kaye Morales. And as the evening starts, a range of pop culture designs by JustBonita will be introduced to bring the night alive. 

And as they end their week, BYS starts with a celebration of skin and self confidence with Issa Pressman’s label, I S S A. To officially close their show, they take us to the streets of art and self-expression with CruzMNL and Thian Rodriguez. 

Join BYS Fashion Week and stay tuned for more updates.

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