BYS Fashion Week Day One: All the Must-See Beauty Looks Spotted on the Runway

BYS Fashion Week Day One: All the Must-See Beauty Looks Spotted on the Runway


BYS made its mark as it opened the first installment of its fashion week. The showcase brought the fashion and beauty sphere into one space featuring works of Russell Villafuerte, Randolf Clothing, Cheetah Rivera, and Jaz Cerezo on the runway. Alongside, an array of hair and makeup looks emerged, hinting at the future of trends in the upcoming season. 

Creativity is still high, nonetheless. Hairstylists and makeup artists delivered looks that complement the designers’ visions, as well as supply new ways to wear bold colors to neutral tones. Backstage, models received multiple beauty edits—makeup artists were hands-on spraying vivid hues on the models’ faces, while others focused on creating fierce smokey eye looks. It was nothing short of busy, but more of it felt like you were watching the entire beauty world in front of your very eyes. 

Now, we are giving you full backstage access to the show’s beauty department. Keep reading to see the first day’s standout makeup moments. 

An ode to the outer space 

Eye makeup is the focus for this season. In this case, the model’s lids were dressed with plumes of shimmered and matte hues that were expertly blended to recreate a galaxy look. Meanwhile, accents like glitter embellishments and faux-star graphics helped bring the motif to life. 

Color draping 

Draping is one of the season’s mainstay beauty looks, but for this showcase, the old-blushing technique was reimagined in a bold, vivid approach. Compared to the traditional barely-there colors, pigments were sprayed on each end of the model’s eyes. A palette of punchy pinks and bright yellows captured the attention of many, but the futuristic white was definitely one of this show’s main stars. 

Graphic play 

As we adapt the Euphoria looks to the runway lexicon, makeup artists etched out new ways to play with colored eyes. Two formats were introduced for this look: the first one involved a full use of a bold liquid eye color paint, while the second utilized a mix of colored eyeshadow to fill, and the liquid liner to define. Small embellishments were also strategically placed throughout the eyes to add character to the overall look. 

Poppy lids 

Minimal makeup also received a full spring edit for this show. A fresh, dewy base was elevated with a swish of blush that encapsulated the ideal rosy cheeks. Meanwhile, each model’s lids were dressed with a singular pop of color. Makeup artists kept the look clean by only using mascara to accentuate the lashes. 

Sultry eyes

A chic yet sultry eye complemented Jaz Cerezo’s garments. And while the smokey eye look has always been a mainstay in the beauty category, this show emphasized that it is one trend not to miss. To create the perfect smokey cat eye, reach for a trusted creamy gel liner. Using an eyeliner brush, lightly draw the shape that you desire, and slowly blend it towards the outer corner to get the smokey effect. Apply the same process on the bottom lids to complete the look. 

Au naturel 

In contrast to the bright and bold looks that dominated the runway, seeing clean makeup was a breather. As seen on model Justine Llarena, the makeup artist focused on creating a naturally-flushed look with a fresh base that was paired with a light contour and a hint of blush. Meanwhile, the lip look was kept minimal with a “your lip but better” shade. 

A futuristic affair

Makeup may be omnipresent for the past season, but the trend also received a futuristic edit for this show. For some of the men in this momentous event, a spritz of a metallic tint is strategically placed on the model’s face, which became the look’s standout feature. Subtle detailings like glitter embellishments and rhinestones were added to enhance the look. Makeup artists also whipped out the color to be extended to some of the models’ ears, creating a sheer eye mask illusion. 

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