Embellished Eyebrows, Graphic Eyeliners, and Polished Makeup Capped Off BYS Fashion Week

Embellished Eyebrows, Graphic Eyeliners, and Polished Makeup Capped Off BYS Fashion Week


As the most anticipated fashion event came to an end, a new wave of beauty directions dominated the runway.

Last Saturday, BYS celebrated a historical moment as the brand’s first ever fashion week officially came to a close. Designers Issa Pressman, Kyle Cruz, and Thian Rodriguez showcased their unwavering vision with a selection of showstopping presentations that hinted at the future of fashion on the very last day. Printed silks, genderless silhouettes, and risque pieces emerged on the runway, while a new wave of beauty directions delivered a visual feast. 

Often, beauty is defined as the underscore of the showcase, but as we entered backstage for the last time, we salute the curated team of hairstylists and makeup artists who consistently supplied an array of looks. It’s obvious that the creative energy has extended throughout the third installment with beauty directions that tapped into distinctive styles with a display of standout detailings like embellished eyebrows, retro eyeshadows, and graphic eyeliners, alongside a lineup of minimal makeup looks.

For this story, we are giving you full access to the final show’s beauty department, as well as an insider story for each direction. Keep reading to see the last day’s best beauty moments. 

Embellished brows 

Embellished brows, hate it or not, have been omnipresent this season. A sequined iteration even made its debut in Peter Do’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection at New York Fashion Week. Meanwhile, I S S A gave the controversial trend a gold treatment. Artists like Kim Opog carefully shaped and filled models’ brows with a gold tint to complement the designer’s vision. A hint of gold foil was strategically placed to add texture to the look. 

Dramatic bottom lashes

Bottom lashes received an editorial treatment for the show. A subtle nod to Twiggy, artists like Violet Ocampo married the concept to a maximalist approach with the use of long and dramatic false lashes. Elsewhere, the model’s look was counterbalanced with a swish of bronzer for a sunkissed look, and was punctuated with a bold red lip. 

A hint of retro 

According to makeup artist Japeth Purog, the beauty direction for Issa Pressman’s line was derived from some capital cities in the world. Translated to a modern editorial approach, artists showcased a play on colors, shapes, and textures. Here, Bryan Cuizon defined the model’s eyes with the use of a matte moss-green liner, while a sheer tonal olive filled out the rest of the lid. A hint of shimmer was also placed on top of the makeup, evoking a metallic-like finish. 

A true futurist

The beauty direction for Thian Rodriguez perfectly captured the collection’s motif. Standout detailings like the intricate graphic eyeliner evoked a futuristic appeal, while punk elements like color draping, sheer eyeshadows, and bold lips rounded out the look. Artists like Violet Ocampo carefully dressed the model’s lids with a series of lines and shapes to deliver a one-of-a-kind eye design. 

Bleached brows

Bleached brows are lauded as a mainstay in the editorial category for a reason, and Thian Rodriguez’s presentation proved why as the controversial brow served as the best underscore to complement the intricate graphic eye look. Select models were seen with the trend, but a noteworthy mention includes Nadine Lustre who sported barely-there brows. 

Y2K spiky hair 

The ‘90s hair trend made its resurgence on the runway. Mostly characterized by a fusion of a high bun with an ultra-sleek finish and standout spikes, the format can be reimagined in more ways than one. A favorite iteration can be seen on model Sophia Aguado who recently donned spiky top knots. 

Minimal makeup 

Key artists Rochelle Lacuna and Mauri Estrada described Kyle Cruz’s vision as minimal, simple, and laid-back. Consider it as a beauty recess from the usual bright and bold looks on the runway. Fresh and healthy skin remained as the focal point, while a hint of contour and color accentuated the model’s features. Overall, the format is wearable and ideal for anyone who is a fan of the clean beauty look.

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