BYS Fashion Week Opens With Sustainable Collections by Russell Villafuerte and Randolf

BYS Fashion Week Opens With Sustainable Collections by Russell Villafuerte and Randolf


Check out the rundown of BYS Fashion Week’s opening show courtesy of these Filipino designers.

To last 10 years in an industry is no easy feat—it may seem too long, but also not enough to prove so much—even for a name as formidable as Australian brand BYS Cosmetics. But as it celebrates its 10th anniversary at the forefront of all things beauty in the Philippines, the brand gives the stage to Filipino designers: Welcome to BYS Fashion Week.

Opening day one of the momentous three-day event, which is a first for the brand, are none other than homegrown labels Russell Villafuerte and Randolf, who graced the runway with their sustainable, inspired, and meaningful creations. Here’s a rundown of the best looks from their collections.


Russell Villafuerte, who also helms local brand Strongvillage, is once again back on the runway—this time, showing his work under his eponymous label.

“Strongvillage has a stronger brand identity and has a very distinct aesthetic, while Russell Villafuerte remains to be something of a jack-of-all-trades in design,” Villafuerte explains. “Russell Villafuerte is like my personal artistic outlet, while Strongvillage is more brand and business-focused.”

For his BYS collection, Villauerte works around the idea of contrasts and contradictions. The collection is both feminine and masculine, hard and soft, dark and colorful, delicate and structured, streetwear yet evening wear, but also sporty all around. With sustainability resting in his core values as a designer, this line, of course, is made from upcycled and repurposed materials. For instance, he deconstructed shoes donated by Nike Philippines for his pieces.

“I want Russell Villafuerte to be synonymous with wearable art. I want it to be unhinged, borderless, unapologetic, and creative as hell.”

Russell Villafuerte

With such a diverse, powerful, and dynamic lineup for BYS Fashion Week, Villafuerte definitely belongs alongside the country’s best creatives. His vision for Philippine fashion? Greater awareness of sustainable clothing and ethical fashion, which cover not just the process by which clothes are made, but also the treatment of workers and the overall production line.


From launching three collections after his graduation, flying to Bangkok to become a fashion designer at a Thai manufacturing company, to returning to the Philippines to launch his comeback collection that eventually gave him the opportunity to present his work in Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, designer RJ Santos has been through it all.

These days, he pokes fun at the obsessive pop culture through his brand Randolf, which was known for bringing a modern twist to the traditional barong and Filipiniana.

“I think both the barong and the Filipiniana evolved with the times, especially the latter,” Santos tells MEGA Magazine in its August 2022 issue. He added that he noticed a surge in demand for these classic pieces back in 2019 because that was when clients were actually requesting them from his brand.

“I think a lot has changed with both the terno and the barong over the years, but the core of what it should be remains.”

Randolf Santos

For his BYS Fashion Week collection, Randolf presented detailed embroidery, psychedelic hues, and fine craftsmanship in dramatic tulles, bold silhouettes, and his iconic modern barong.

“I wouldn’t say I have an edge over other barong designers, but I think what makes Randolf barong different is that I create the embroidery designs based on the music of my clients,” Santos shares.

Photography KIERAN PUNAY

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