Can Men Wear Crop Tops? Let Kyle Echarri Show You How To Pull Off the Trend

Can Men Wear Crop Tops? Let Kyle Echarri Show You How To Pull Off the Trend


In the fast-changing world of men’s style, trends keep shifting things around. Right now, one standout trend is the comeback of men wearing crop tops, and one of the guys leading this charge is none other than Kyle Echarri. This young artist and singer effortlessly shows how it’s done, giving every man a lesson in rocking this bold style. Read on to learn how he nails it and maybe pick up some tricks for yourself.

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Fearless fashion

Kyle Echarri cropped top
Rocking the Off-White cropped shirt with ease

Being in the showbiz spotlight demands confidence, especially for someone as popular as Echarri. However, he takes his approach to the menswear trend to the next level, appearing as if he’s conducting a confidence and versatility masterclass. Mixing crop tops with perfectly fitting pants or tailored shorts, he blurs the line between laid-back and sophisticated, boldly reshaping what’s considered typical masculine fashion.

Street beats, cropped feats

Kyle Echarri crop top trend
Crop tops redefined in streetwear’s grit

What distinguishes the 20-year-old actor’s fashion is the seamless integration of the angst and appeal of street style into his looks. He effortlessly merges streetwear elements with tailored aesthetics, showcasing the versatility of this once unconventional garment. By incorporating these influences, Kyle takes the crop top trend up a notch, infusing a contemporary and urban edge into his overall appearance.

Dress, share, inspire

Channeling Kyle Echarri's style
Channeling Kyle Echarri’s style

Last but not least, Echarri’s success in championing this fad is rooted in his dedication to personal expression. Instead of adhering to set norms, he fearlessly embraces individuality, encouraging others to do likewise, and even proudly displays his outfits online. Through his social media presence, Kyle provides a real-time glimpse into how he effortlessly dresses up for diverse situations, inspiring a generation to confidently embrace this look.

How to pull off the look  

To hop on the crop top trend, confidence remains paramount, cliché as it sounds. You can consider a fit that suits your body shape, pairing it smartly with high-waisted bottoms for a balanced silhouette. Experimenting with neutral colors or subtle patterns can also offer a versatile look that’s easy to style. Remember—the essence of this trend lies in expressing yourself, so being unapologetically you is crucial to proudly and authentically rock that crop top.

Photos: KYLE ECHARRI and AARON MANGSAT (via Instagram)

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