Can Testosterone Levels Really Make You Go Bald?

Can Testosterone Levels Really Make You Go Bald?


MEGA Man talks to renowned hair expert Dr. Rafael Fortus to find out if testosterone levels do, in fact, affect hair loss

The significance of testosterone levels in baldness is still a topic of debate and curiosity among those who explore the causes of hair loss. To get some answers to these questions, MEGA Man sits down with Dr. Rafael Fortus. From the prevalent myths to the unquestionable truths, here is everything every man needs to know about this topic.

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Testosterone and hair loss

Does testosterone levels affect hair loss

Testosterone is essential for many bodily functions, from maintaining sex desire and sperm quality to promoting bone development and muscle growth. On the other hand, some men think that too much testosterone is to blame for their thinning hair. A popular belief that these two are linked stems from the fact that pattern baldness in men is far more prevalent than in women.

Crowning truths

Dr. Fortus responded right away, stating that testosterone levels have nothing to do with hair loss in men. However, he explained that this connection is made because testosterone is metabolized into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that destroys hair follicles and causes them to shed. The expert elaborated that it is DHT, not testosterone levels, that are to blame for balding.

Mane myths and misconceptions

Does testosterone levels affect hair loss

According to the hair specialist, one of the most common myths is that since working out raises testosterone levels, which in turn raise levels of DHT, it speeds up hair loss. He pointed out that many athletes still have full heads of hair and most doctors would even recommend exercise for those who want to have a healthier scalp.

Dr. Fortus also debunked the notion that thinning hair can only be passed down through the female line. But he said that more than 40 genes, passed down from both parents, contribute to baldness. 

Lastly, the hair expert dispelled the myth that wearing hats cause hair loss and the belief that balding is mediated by one’s lifestyle. 

Real root causes 

Does testosterone levels affect hair loss

According to him, androgenic alopecia is still responsible for 90% of male pattern baldness. He went on to explain that hair loss can also be caused by things like stress, smoking, crash diets, and infections, but only in a small percentage of people.

The power of hygiene

In order to maintain good hair, men should take care to keep their skin free of bacterial and fungal overgrowth. “After exercise and showers, it’s important to dry the skin completely, and to see an expert if you notice redness, spots or itch,” he recommended. 

Remedies available

Dr. Fortus mentioned minoxidil and finasteride as effective products to put off and even reverse the effects of thinning hair. Minoxidil acts by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and improving nutrition to the follicles, while finasteride prevents male pattern baldness by interfering with the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Does testosterone levels affect hair loss

Regarding the treatments, one of the things he suggested was the platelet mesotherapy (PMT), in which the patient’s blood is filtered to remove the platelets, and then they are reintroduced to the scalp through a mesotherapy device. 

He also highlighted hair transplantation, adding that today’s gold standard is called the direct hair implantation (DHI), in which follicular units are removed one by one and carefully replanted to achieve optimal density and a realistic appearance.

The expert’s insights

Does testosterone levels affect hair loss

Dr. Fortus offered two easy bits of advice for males with this problem. First, it’s important to consult a doctor early on if you’re worried about hair loss, and second, while dealing with hair loss might be discouraging, there are now effective remedies that weren’t available a decade ago. For those experiencing this issue, he mentioned that they provide free consultations that include scalp examinations and pharmaceutical assistance. 

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