Capturing Minutes with the vivo V30e

Capturing Minutes with the vivo V30e


Taking design inspiration from a luxurious wristwatch, the vivo V30e is your stylish companion for capturing precious moments, no matter the time of day.

Time is fleeting, constantly flying by us in a blur. Although some may wish for it to slow down, its passage is inevitable. Ultimately, you cannot stop time to savor momentary seconds of everyday life. However, you can definitely keep mementos of it. As technologies like camera phones quickly advance, we can now capture vivid glimpses of life as it passes by.

That being said, finding premium-quality camera phones at reasonable price points can be difficult. After all, we also want the devices we use to last the trials and tribulations of time. This is where the vivo V30e comes in. This latest addition to the V30 series is a durable and stylish innovation. With these premium features, it also proves to be one of the best new camera phones in the market.

vivo v30e
The new vivo V30e series, designed after a wristwatch.

Night Photography

The true test of a good camera phone relies on how well it captures sceneries, especially in the dark. The lack of light often results in grainy and blurry images that fail to replicate beautiful night sceneries. However, with the vivo V30e, capturing different moments at any time of the day is never a problem.

With its Sony IMX882 sensor, the vivo V30e can reconstruct what the naked eye sees. Whether night or day, the camera can vividly reproduce colors and prevent color cast. Even when taking photos at night, the pictures look bright and clear. From pictures of tranquil evening walks to nighttime cityscapes, the vivo V30e seemingly pauses time with every realistic-looking scenery it captures.

night photography camera
Take stunning night photos with the V30e.

Smart Adjustments

The time of the day greatly affects your photos. In particular, it changes the lighting and shadows in your environment. This is why professional cameras must be tinkered with constantly to accommodate these constant lighting changes. However, with the vivo V30e’s Aura Light 3.0, there is no need to manually adjust your camera settings.

It is a powerful light-filling tool that automatically brightens images without giving them the overblown effect a flash provides. Instead, you get softly-lit images that make you pop in any image. It also has color temperature adjustments. This is useful, as both cool and warm lights directly affect how your skin looks in photographs. Too cool and too warm of an environment may give your skin an unnatural hue. However, Aura Light 3.0 fixes that, minimizing overexposure while harmonizing the subject’s colors and the background.

aura light 3.0, a feature of the vivo v30e
Aura Light 3.0 adjusts the color in images.

All-Day Use

These days, the phone is an integral part of each second of our everyday lives. From capturing memories to keeping up with the present to communicating with our circles, it essentially became an extension of us, which is why the battery capacity of a mobile phone is an important aspect for many.

With the vivo V30e, you don’t have to worry about missing a moment. Featuring a large battery, long lifespan, and long battery life, it currently has the largest battery capacity in the vivo Ve series. Its 5500 mAh battery gives you nonstop watchtime and social media use for up to 22 hours. The 44W Flash-charge feature allows you to charge the phone within 48 minutes, so you can always be on the-go. Lastly, its four-year battery health guarantees that this phone will be your long-time companion throughout various moments of your life.

vivo v30e phone in cloud white
The vivo V30e in Cloud White.

Dust and Water Resistance 

We always take our phones with us wherever we go. Thus, it could be exposed to dust and other elements that could potentially damage it. However, the vivo V30e is a resilient technology that can withstand various things.

An IP64 Dust and Water Resistance rating prevents dust from entering the nooks and crannies of the phone. It also protects against splashing water from any direction. As such, you could take it to the bathroom when you wash your hands without worrying about potentially damaging it. With this, the vivo V30e remains a standout phone model, promising a long-lasting companion.

The V30e makes the skin glow in photographs.
camera phone

A Timeless Design

To top everything off, the vivo V30e comes in two timeless designs. Inspired by a luxurious timepiece, it is a sleek and stylish model that perfectly presents a good quality phone. It is available in Coco Brown and Cloud White, featuring unique textures and color shifting finishes that are bound to match every aesthetic.

vivo v30e phone in cocoa brown
The vivo V30e in Coco Brown.

With this, vivo shows its dedication in developing sleek, durable, and functional technologies. From its premium looks to superior features, the vivo V30e is your long-time partner in capturing every second of your life.

Shop the new vivo V30e (8GB RAM + 256GB ROM) online at Lazada, Shopee, and Tiktok for Php 17,999.

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