Carl Jan Cruz Celebrates Diversity at TRESemme Runway Show

Carl Jan Cruz Celebrates Diversity at TRESemme Runway Show


Carl Jan Cruz’s first-ever runway show in the Philippines was a celebration of diversity, empowering people to be confident wearing their own skin. Championing inclusivity at his TRESemme runway show, he put the spotlight on embracing size, gender, and people of color.

Carl shared to MEGA that as an emerging brand who has been in the industry for three years, “it’s very timely to be able to celebrate something that [they] have been doing as a team with people that adore, identify, and resonate with the brand.”

From showcasing pieces that the label has made from its conception, the clothes they presented in Paris last September, to the latest creations they are making for next year, Carl’s inspiration was his projection of “how [they] see the brand’s growth… and answering it through this visual manifestation of doing a show.”

Aside from highlighting deconstructed clothing and oversized pieces that were elegantly undone, Carl also incorporated Filipino visual motifs into the looks. Cue the Iska basahan dress, the structured cream vest, and the corseted slip in fine crepe. Denim also played a huge part in his collection as a variety of turn up jeans, skirts, and oversized jackets in denim were emphasized.

Scroll down to see the full collection:

Photography by Miguel Abesamis of Studio 100

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