Collagen by Watsons Named Carla Abellana as its First Ever Filipina Celebrity Endorser

Collagen by Watsons Named Carla Abellana as its First Ever Filipina Celebrity Endorser


The multi-awarded actress also unveiled the secret behind her bright and radiant glow.

In the beauty bible, a healthy and radiant glow is the hallmark of good skin. It’s undeniably coveted and omnipresent at the heart of trends like glass skin, mochi skin, and glazed donut skin. A signature glow is also synonymous with celebrities like Carla Abellana who’s praised for her fresh, radiant, and dewy complexion. In view of this, it comes as no surprise that she was named the first ever Filipina celebrity endorser of Collagen by Watsons.

In recent events, the company officially named the multi-awarded actress as the face of Collagen by Watsons. Abellana was also in attendance at the media fete, donning a form-fitting white halter dress. Attendees learned her best-kept beauty secret, which includes the beauty philosophy she learned from her grandmother, as well as a product she’s raving about. Scroll down and know more about her bright and radiant glow!

The fairest of them all

Carla Abellana has made a mark in the industry as a respected multi-awarded actress, host, and television personality. However, another noteworthy feature that deserves to be acknowledged is her Snow White-like radiant skin. Abellana’s complexion remained as fresh as the first time we witnessed it—no wonder why she became the top choice to front the Collagen Booster Essence campaign.

“Carla’s beauty and radiance represent Collagen Booster Essence’s benefits and what it stands for,” the brand shared in an exclusive press release. “She is the epitome of someone who knows how to take care of herself no matter how hectic and busy she may get.”

The secret behind her signature glow

Emphasizing care in skincare, Abellana’s beauty philosophy also relies on taking care of oneself. In the event space, the actress mentioned that her grandmother would always teach her the importance of rest and water. It’s one piece of advice that really shaped her lifestyle. With health at the top of her mind, Abellana learned to listen to her body, rest when needed, and hydrate herself throughout the day. 

The actress also admitted that she believes “less is more” when it comes to beauty. As a true minimalist, her routine includes the basics such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Her favorite trick? Amplifying her moisturizer with Watsons Collagen Booster Serum. At times, she incorporates Collagen by Watsons by mixing it with her other serums. Aside from that, the actress also emphasized the importance of sunscreen. 

On her top shelf

Like most of us, Abellana is a beauty lover herself. Her top pick? Collagen Booster Essence. The new offering from Watsons is designed to be a skincare solution for anyone who aspires to have even younger-looking skin. It is formulated with powerhouse ingredients like nourishing tri-collagen, detoxifying green collagen, regenerating hydrolyzed collagen, and marine collagen. It is also designed to function as a pre-essence and as a booster, which makes it a versatile product that can also be incorporated into daytime and nighttime routines. 

To use the product as a pre-essence, simply integrate it after cleansing and toning. Meanwhile, the brand lauded the formula as a perfect booster for its previously-released Collagen by Watsons line. A combination with Collagen by Watsons: Pores Be Gone is ideal for oily skin, while mixing it with Collagen by Watsons: Hydrobalance is recommended for normal to dry skin.

Watsons’ Collagen Booster Essence is now available at the Watsons store and Watsons app.

Photos from WATSONS PHILIPPINES (via Instagram)

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