Carlos Sainz Ends Historic Red Bull Streak With Singapore Grand Prix Win

Carlos Sainz Ends Historic Red Bull Streak With Singapore Grand Prix Win


In what can only be described as an adrenaline-fueled race, the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix witnessed the victory of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz

We all know that Red Bull has been dominating Formula One with their continuous race wins. However, the Singapore Grand Prix recently treated fans to an unexpected twist as Ferrari’s very own Carlos Sainz emerged victorious at the highly anticipated event, breaking Max Verstappen’s record run of 10 wins in a row. Meanwhile, McLaren’s Lando Norris secured a well-deserved second place, and Lewis Hamilton claimed the third spot.

carlos sainz singapore win

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With an impressive turnout of 264,108 avid spectators throughout the race weekend, this is undoubtedly an event that will etch itself into F1’s history. Now buckle up and read more details about the epic race.

From pole to finish

carlos sainz singapore win

Sainz, who had begun in pole position, kept his lead despite driving on severely worn tyres during the final laps. After an intense four-car fight, Hamilton catapulted himself to third place when teammate George Russell, who was close to joining Sainz and Norris on the podium, crashed the other Mercedes on the final lap. In the end, Lewis rose to P3 and Carlos remained P1, eventually beating former teammate Lando by 0.812 seconds. “I felt under control. I felt like I could manage well, and we brought it home. That was the best feeling.” These were the exact sentiments given by the Ferrari driver in an interview while he and his team were celebrating their victory.

Chasing victory

carlos sainz lando norris

Ferrari clearly entered the race with a firm mindset, fully committed to securing the victory with their well-thought-out game strategy. Starting on the front row, the smooth operator flawlessly executed his plan, keeping the pace steady so that he would retain his position. He even assisted Lando in a win-win situation for the both of them, giving fans the ultimate CarLando moment. “Given our limitations with the tire wear and degradation, it was all about managing the beginning of the stint to make sure I made it to the target lap that we wanted to do in each compound,” Sainz said. “I had to keep slowing him down to [not] give him a safety car or a medium tire opportunity, and it worked to perfection. It was just quite tight at the end, but we gave Lando a bit of DRS to help him, and then, in the end, we made it to P1,” he added.

The McLaren racer graciously acknowledged the support of his former teammate, stating, “Carlos was very generous trying to help me get DRS. It helped my race and also helped his.”

A winning streak begins

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This achievement is not only a testament to Carlos’ exceptional skills, but also a significant milestone for Ferrari. This marks the team’s first win since Leclerc’s triumph last summer in Austria, a victory that came just after Carlos got his first career win at the British Grand Prix. “We nailed the race. We did everything we had to do. We did it [perfectly,] and we brought home a P1 that I’m sure all Italy and Ferrari are going to be proud [of] and happy [about] today,” the Ferrari racer exclaimed.

Photos: F1 and CARLOS SAINZ (via Instagram)

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