Cartier’s Tank Is An Essential Timepiece

Cartier’s Tank Is An Essential Timepiece


We’ve detailed below why you, too, should include the beloved timepiece in your personal collection. 

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The value of Cartier’s Tank collection lies more deeper than just its timeless and elegant aesthetic. The current era may not be aware of the Tank’s role in shaping today’s attitudes towards wristwatches. Before these timepieces were not even known as “wristwatches” but instead were coined as “wristlets”. They were also considered more akin to jewelry that adorned women’s wrists rather than how we treat it now as a functional accessory. Surprisingly enough, the birth of this collection was during a severely chaotic time—World War I. It’s good to note that Cartier’s founder, French watchmaker Louis Cartier, alluded the watch’s design to WWI’s Renault Tanks. During this period, wearing wristwatches became not only functional but also vogue. 

Since the beloved collection’s first iteration in 1917, many versions have rocked the industry with its opulent sophistication and functionality. Fast forward to today, the classic 1970 model, Tank Must de Cartier, is revamped to better fit the tastes of the current generation. Cartier welcomes the Tank Must

Revisited, reimagined, and an old flame reignited—here are all the reasons why the new Tank Must is worth embracing. 


One of the beauties of the Tank Must by Cartier is the paradox that while it’s new, it also comes in with the old. How could it not? When its aesthetic alludes to two classics, the Tank Louis Cartier and of course, the original Tank Must de Cartier. This piece will take you back to the rich history of the Must collection. 

The heritage of the Must is beautifully touched on by Pierre Rainero (Director of Image, Style and Heritage of Cartier), “Today, the Must are part of the Maison’s heritage. Exhibited for a select few at museum institutions as part of the Cartier Ancient Items Collection, they have become Maison legends. Seen as the status symbol of the 80s, they have stood the test of time thanks to their style as well as their excellent craftsmanship, which Cartier applies to all its creations down to the smallest detail.


The Tank Must was well-loved from its inception. Although it was not in the same league as its siblings, it was adored by many. Among its grand following were big personalities of the 70’s like the godfather of pop culture, Andy Warhol, or British actress and Dune star, Charlotte Rampling. Warhol even touted it as “the watch to wear.” 


We’ve said it time and time again, but it’s a timeless piece. And in its reimagined form, it remains a design icon worthy to adorn aesthetes. 

The new Cartier Tank Must is a carrier of many adjectives. There’s “classic” due to its bold roman numeral hour markers and traditional ardillon buckle on the leather version. “Elegant” for its blued-steel sword-shaped hands and steel rounded brancards.


Whether it be the old or new model, it falls along the lines of ”adrogynous”.

For the reimagined Tank Must, it’s all thanks to its unisex look and functionality composed of thoughtful dial proportions and interchangeable steel straps made of curved links. An easy partner for any sartorial ensemble, the fresh release also comes with monochrome variants that have long been part of Cartier’s palette—red, blue and green. It’s inevitable: this is bound to be a clear favorite and wardrobe staple. 


It perfectly captures the zeitgeist. 

Over the years, many businesses have transformed their positioning in order to seize a new and continually evolving market: the environmentally-conscious. The Tank Must by Cartier is an example of this. 

First case in point is its SolarBeatTM movement. The invisible perforation of the Roman Numeral hour markers allow solar energy to reach the photovoltaic cells hidden under the thoughtful dial. The Tank Must is the first of the Must series to benefit from this innovative technology. Now, it proudly boasts of an average lifespan of 16 years. Who wouldn’t want that kind of watch? 


Admit it, you know it’s not Cartier if there’s no attention being given to the minutest of details. The New Tank Must takes a bold move and dares to return to great classicism with it’s opulent pearled cabochon winding crown. It’s rich blue hue makes this feature strikingly beautiful and an absolute show stopper.


Last but not the least, it’s environmentally sustainable mindset spills over to its other parts. The piece’s bracelet is composed of approximately 40% plant matter that is sourced from apple waste from food industries in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. It does all this while guaranteeing a high level of quality, comfort, and sustainability. 

These innovative moves by the French Maison are a trailblazer for more sustainable watches to come in the lucrative space. We can’t wait for more thoughtful pieces like this that are truly worth patronizing and embracing.

Shop at Cartier’s pioneer and only store in the Philippines, located at Greenbelt 1’s first level. Visit their website for more access to luxury goods and store hours.

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